Belgian grenade-tosser, involved with illicit drugs and guns, kills three and himself

The pathetic killer in the strange, seemingly random, Belgian grenade attack that happened today is identified. He had no connection to terrorists, but was a known criminal who dealt in firearms.  

He is another punk who, whether he was mad, or lost and abused, or simply cruel, dragged others into his circle of misery rather than just leave quickly by his own hand. It's selfish. SELFISH. It is not something to find an excuse for, but to implore people, once again, to seek help or report on such foul beings as these. 

Why do such stinking sacks of flesh insist on wreaking pain on their way out? Was the misery they embraced and peddled not enough? Terrible. 

Like the recent Va. Tech killer who offed a policeman for... just being there, it seems, this European criminal simply wanted to spread some misery on his way out. Like so many who commit murder-suicides. Their ego might know humiliation, but knows nothing of real humility. 

The 33-year old Belgian punk chose to justify his own pathetic existence by leaving carnage and pain behind for families of several (likely random) victims. This was a selfish, horrific, vicious act. I do not care how desperate someone is, such acts are not excusable. The act of someone who didn't deserve a civilized existence. 

They are acts that reflect on one's circle, of family, friends, confidants, and more. The sooner people firm up and face the truth that even "nice" people are capable of evil or depraved acts, the better off we all will be.

In the States, you are bad news if you drive drunk, smoke, don't wear a seat belt. But having sex with underage children is hushed up. Rape is hushed up. Domestic abuse is still in the realm where women or men are ashamed of it. Awful creeps who haven't YET killed or severely harmed someone are not expected to be watched over like problem children, given so many chances, and then... Belgium happens. Or VT, or Sandusky, the Norwegian massacre, countless crimes, including murder-suicides by people with warrants, long records, restraining orders. 

Why don't we give more breaks to those who aren't in effect hurting others, as we do to criminals and "nice" people who do indecent things? 

We cannot stop all crimes, of course, but we have yet to try to change the expectations of judicial and societal systems where criminals are concerned. 

Police state, no. A state that favors the victims, and a society that tolerates victims, even when they are NOT PART OF A SPECIAL INTEREST GROUP, would be nice. 

The gunman, named as Nordine Amrani, 33, began his attack near a bus stop at Place Saint Lambert, a central shopping area and the site of the city's annual Christmas market and its main courthouse.

He ended by shooting himself in the head with a handgun, witnesses said.

- jR 

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A 'make or break moment' - coming in November 2012, people!

They called it a make or break speech for Obama. It felt to me like the promo for the next episode of a failing TV drama. 

I think it is clear that the Kansas campaign speech -- uh, err, presidential address! -- given by Obama recently left all but his team and sickest fans with question marks over their heads. His words were open to gross interpretation. This is his campaign mode, his tell-nothing-and-do-so-with-pleasant-platitudes mode.

So, it's 2008 again, only this time, the Democrat has an actual record to look at. (Still no college record, but so what, right? That's not weird -- wait, yes it is. It's very odd for a POTUS to lock up his school history. Where was I...?) 

It was a taxpayer-paid campaign stump speech by our divisive, happily obscure Campaigner-in-Chief. 

His team is correct: it was a make or break speech. The issue to me, though, is this: Will pretty words that mean plenty of different things to different people satiate enough national voters again in 2012 to give the "O-TelePrompTer" the podium for another four?

While Team Obama -- or the "The O-Team," as we'll call them -- insists this was NOT a campaign speech, Mr. Obama's CAMPAIGN team said this related to the recent speech in Kansas: "the other side's candidates all want to let Wall Street write its own rules and give more tax breaks to millionaires and billionaires." 

Yet, in the speech, Obama said the ideals of which he was bellowing were not ones exclusively of the 1 percent or of the 99 percent, not DNC nor GOP. Hmm. What values are those? 

So, from his words to The O-Team's words, we get differing, uhh, interpretations. But The O-Team clearly thinks the Republicans are pro-rich and anti-middle class. 

That's not class warfare. That is totally factual, not ridiculous or divisive at all. What a make or break speech it was!

Coincidentally, not Wall Street, but the formerly Democratic-locked Senate did write new rules for financial institutions. But they went even bigger -- for big gov fans, BETTER -- creating a BRAND NEW BUREAUCRACY to serve those rules. They didn't want to fix the SEC or other bureaucracies that should or could have been more functional, no. Left them alone, it seems, and created moooore bureaucracyyyyy. THAT's what Obama's people did. 

Why just come up with rules when you can create a new agency, and one that answers ONLY to the Executive Branch?

I can hear the public sector workers, the half of Americans who pay no taxes, and those who prefer being on the government dole, cheering: four more years! Four more years! 

Read his words, or watch it, here:
(Or, you could decide right just how easy it will be to give another guy, or gal, a try in 2012. Leaves a lot of time free from all this election hoo-hah. Just saying to consider it!) 

- jR (aka @AirFarceOne) 
(And not a damned troll, you leftist blowhard tweet sissies)

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The #Occupy originals say: declare victory. Now go live w parents till spring

Adbusters, a proud anti-capitalist group, was the root. There was no grass, not really. Adbusters, based in Vancouver, Canada, are the mindspring of the Occupy movements we now know so well. If only by smell. 

Despite what your mainstream media and a variety of pundits and political leaders of the left -- and not so left -- have been saying, remember Adbusters any time someone attempts to suggest that the Occupy movement is akin to the Tea Party movement. There is little honest, proactive, or forward-looking about Occupy, and it is certainly not a movement that happened in some individualistic manner. 

Thanks to the bias and hypocrisy of those who are supposed to be reporting the news, not spinning it steeply in a direction they desire, remember that the Occupy Wall Street movement is NOT
1. grass roots
2. of humble beginnings
3. conceptually disorganized (it is functionally a damned mess, but the concept is, to put it softly premeditated)
4. social activism (socialist maybe)
5. informed masses
6. democratic
7. embracing the foundation of American ideals
8. embracing change purely for good, not for self (selves)
9. leaderless in any way
10. rejected by mainstream Democrats
11. covered by media with the same demeanor as the Tea Party
12. covered by media with the same demeanor as any other blatant-agitator vagrancy

While some participants may be all of those things, wake up. Have a look. These are not grass roots types. they aren't even grass seed types. Some are, yes. And they got lost in the madness of so-called "perfect democracy". That is, a system where everyone has a say in virtually everything. Remember any videos of droning groups and votes on everything anyone suggested? Yeah, so democratic it's brainless. I imagine there were even votes on whether they should vote on something -- the ultimate leftist-socialist-We are Borg activist circle-jerk, this was. 

Did this bunch of droning, loitering, bonehead know-nothings look like mainstream America -- even mainstream fringe of America -- to you?  I hope not. You do realize some people quite their jobs to be involved in this thing, right? Right?!

From the NY Daily News: 

Adbusters, the Occupy Wall Street innovator, says movement should wind down and start up in spring

"the original godfather of Occupy Wall Street - a Canadian anti-capitalist group..."

Remember Adbusters. They're the activist group version of the broad leftist agenda of crass class warfare - for taking power, not for balance of power, IMO. 
These types gain sway any time economic trouble brews and weak minds are seeking an outlet. 

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I hope a part of #OWS succeeds, like I want Santa to come

I admit, some days I don't like the way the world works. I had a decent childhood but faced some very serious matters that I still deal with, sometimes to distraction, today. I wish I could change that. But I can't. I can live above it, beyond it, outside of it, but I cannot change what happened. And sometimes, that pounds on me, as it does many. All I can change, really, is myself and my perspective on things, and try to have some influence on others.

I am a wanton rebel, in part. I managed to avoid jail as a youth, and that was, trust me, quite notable during several chapters of my youth. Not proud of it. I do get a devilish grin thinking about some of those misspent hours, now and then. But I wouldn't form my life around those things.

There is a part of me that is pulling for the #OWS people. No, not to bring down capitalism or remain in smelly park camp sites for years, and such pathetic madness: The message hidden in the Marxist, road-blocking, smelly park benches, long-term campout, public bowel movement, stupidity of it.

In a less abrasive way -- one that doesn't include RIOTS in Rome and snotty American pukes blocking people's way to work in NYC -- I hope some element of the Occupy Wall Street movement WORKS -- that it gets something across to the idiots these people helped put in charge in the U.S. (Obama! Pelosi! Frank! Jackson, Jr!).

But, that's the problem with "the Left" -- or what I call Modern American Liberals/Left (MAL, if you wish -- "MALcontents" if you're silly about it), isn't it? The way the least practical of them think and how they promote their message, it's downright incomprehensible. And, inexplicably, the least intellectually vibrant seem to get to the front of the camp. (I mean Pelosi?! How can anyone pay attention to her comments for any length of time and not think she's a drip?!)

Much of what I've seen of the Occupy [City Name Here] movement is, for me, kinda like watching a bad movie shot in (for example) Russian: I see what's going on, and while I cannot understand a word, it looks about as vacant as my Russian vocabulary. I would still root for the protagonist if I have to sit through it. Or, I'd feign illness and go somewhere else.

These same people who are in the #OWS crowds NO DOUBT make fun of the Tea Party movement, yet don't they see just how close their complaints are, but for one major thing: who they blame? There are of course other things that separate these groups, like the Tea Party encourages people to read the Constitution while the Socialist Party of the USA is passing things out at #OWS events. But the big difference is who they blame for the current economic troubles. 

They both blame powerful groups. The government is mostly to blame on the Tea Party side, and Wall Street is obviously to blame on the other side.

One group -- the Tea Party -- was brewing in 2008-09 and moved to work within the system, and those in the establishment trying to wrangle cats (such as Dick Armey's FreedomWorks and the Tea Party Patriots). (Disclosure: I identify with the Tea Party's simple, ACTUAL agenda -- as opposed to the creepy, crude, shallow claims the left project onto them.)

The other -- the "Occupy" movement -- seems to think they have it ALL FIGURED OUT, and they can change the ENTIRE system by having droning conversations in parks, and visiting billionaires' neighborhoods. Oh, and holding riots in Europe. Most events, from New Zealand to Britain, were peaceful, happily. (But still lack a point that is actionable in a global economy and digital world, where credit, contacts and education are, reasonably enough, important.) 

I find it frustrating, then, that the groups are both angry about state and business collusion that worsened the economic collapse, allowed big business bailouts and provided everyday people foreclosure-fest 2008 (and 2009, and...). They are both angry about those things! That's common ground! 

The Tea Party was called terrorists, radicals, and the like -- and utterly mocked as "astroturf" by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and called "tea baggers" by so many people it's not possible to list them. This, despite the fact they worked to be very orderly, they were respectful of areas they were gathering in, were calm and collected (unless they were actually attacked, physically, as they were several times, by "union thugs" and politicians' staffers), and left places as clean as they entered them. Well, by comparison to the OWS activists, that IS RADICAL!

Then there's the OWS activists. They aren't so much dangerous because they are capable of violence to try to make their scrambled point, as in Rome on Oct. 15, but because they assume so many things. It is as if their imaginations are fully in chanrge of their perceptions of reality.

They have behaved, quite literally, as the brainwashed members of a cult -- a long video from the Occupy Atlanta kick-off on October 8th showed that weirdness (watch from 1:27 on till you get too bored to keep it up). Business and life have use for imagination, but it's work to turn that into something functional. Just ask an engineer who's worked on a car design, or an aircraft. Ideas are easy.

The OWS activists are fighting a form of fascism, but sadly, I believe it is a "fascism" from inside, that they are listening to and accepting things that are crushing their spirits and leaving ruin in their own misused minds. They seem think they can imagine or talk inconsistencies in the economic system to death, or fight the system with park meetings and shouting at bank buildings. How's that like the Tea Party? It isn't. I wish it were.

If the clutter that thrived in D.C. and New York City, and the droning of Atlanta, the riots of Rome, all subside, something meaningful may come of #OWS. I mean REALLY meaningful. Not geeks getting lucky with some hot hippie babes or making new Facebook friends, but something that is, in the cheesy words of the guy these folks seem to have voted for, Obama: they will provide a "teachable moment." That "moment" isn't gonna happen for the world at large from the back seat of a police cruiser, though.

So, wake up, children, and realize that common sense was way ahead of you on the anti-consumerism thing. The best way to reject "consumerism" is to choose to not buy stuff. You can do that at home, or even out with friends, believe it or not. No need to sleep in clumps in a park, toss garbage all over the place, repeat EVERYTHING other people say (how can this even be done by otherwise happy humans?!), call cops names, or take a dump in public. 

If you're anti-capitalist, though, such as Adbusters truly appears to be, then you're going to be hating it in life. If America were purely capitalist, it would be a wasteland. It isn't. But it drives the economic thinking, for the most part.

I imagine -- but only IMAGINE -- elements of OWS and Tea Party movements getting together. I cannot even imagine it, though, till the bratty, spoiled, acting-out crazies leave the OWS as it was shown in NYC, Boston, Atlanta and probably other locations. There are kooks who also identify with the Tea Party, sure, but they are not the majority. I've seen no proof of it. In the OWS examples I cited, however, there are examples of uber-creepiness. 

There's kids who are sure that Santa's coming this Christmas. Not in spirit, but there are kids who believe Santa Claus is really going to arrive with presents. Who am I to tell those kids otherwise? I wouldn't do that to kids. The belief in Santa is awesome -- even if I don't have it, I wouldn't want others to lose it.

I hope Santa comes, kids. I truly do! 

However, it's time for the "kids" of OWS to grow up. Some may be well into their 60s in years, but there's some part of their brain that's stuck in the most drug-addled, unthinking commune of the 1960s. Somebody's going to have to spell it out for them: what they think is possible is just not realistic. Utopia is not a place. It's an idea. No matter how muddied up you make that hope in your head that it's possible, it isn't. And it certainly isn't going to start from an enforced, communal, socialist economic oneness across the planet. Have you read Orwell, Huxley? Seen the movie "1984"? How about "Brazil"? Alright, you've seen the Apple ad from 1984, right? (I guess it means different things to different people, huh?)

As for getting rid of the crony capitalism, ending big-business bailouts, and creating good jobs, there we have lots of agreement. Can't we work from there? The Tea Party terrorist radicals agree with you there! Just stop calling them "tea baggers", for everyone's sake!


- jR

 (Clarification: being stuck in that commune is not good.)

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Adbusters: socialism's apparent instigator of #OWS U.S. arrests, European riots

I wrote the other day that Reuters found that Adbusters, a Canadian anti-capitalist organization with ties to George Soros, had inspired and encouraged the public displays of whining that began as Occupy Wall Street on this little blog.

Kudos to Reuters for looking into the source of the Occupy movement. I think this smelly, drug-addled, street-blocking, business-hating madness is going to get more people hurt across the world and the greedy, power-hungry billionaire out there are going to be watching it from well-secured mansions.

Yet, there is no big story concerned that this little group of Marxists in Canada are allegedly behind this, their Western fashion of the so-called Arab Spring (which is not all it's springed up to be). 

Why isn't the MSM, or even Fox News and the blogosphere shouting about them? (I wonder what Alex Jones -- "Mr. Conspiracy Theories" -- thinks?)

What is Adbusters? Well, they're easy to find. They have a very active and savvy Web site which includes plenty of #OWS activity and partner sites:

Apparently, all of the work on their site was created with free software, developed by people who will only barter, on servers purchased with bartered deals. Oh, but let's be realistic: in order to bring down a system that's spoiled so many, including your ignorant job-having friends, you must cut corners somewhere. Money must be used until Utopia can be achieved!

Funny, but since I am not a DRONE that follows these Marxist socialist fascist dreamers, I already have been doing something for YEARS that they turned into a, uhh, movement or something: Buy Nothing Day. When is it? It's Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. In the U.S. - oh, excuse me, in "North America". 

Have a look at what kind of activism that is inspiring, apparently, to the economically stupid and those incapable of individual thought or responsibility

I'd think Adbusters were hilarious if it weren't for the inspired students and -- most hilarious -- full-grown adults who are doing exactly what they suggest. Have you seen the videos of these Occupy events? Nutters!

Adbusters say they are anti-consumerist. Well, so what? On many days, so am I!

The difference between anyone like me -- who isn't a fan of a wildly consumer-driven society lacking in strong, grounding traditions and activities -- and these people, is these people don't grasp the subtely of "go" and "floor it". I don't include in my economic philosophy ideas such as purchasing things is bad. (Is it just how I think, or not?

This anti-consumerism opens the door WIDE OPEN to numbskulls robbing stuff because they don't believe in consumerism. Purchasing things like an idiot is bad, not existing in an economic model where goods and services are traded for money (or bartering, etc.). 

I am one who VALUES being an INDIVIDUAL, with all my shortcomings, even. Purchasing regrets I have. I am not, however, interested in relating to blowhard socialists -- that's what these creeps are -- telling me to demonize the consumerism that wreaks havoc on the lives of the complacent poor (most of all, the poor, because if you don't got it, you shouldn't spend it on CRAP). Their other argument, of course, is that the consumerist system exclusively vaunts the greedy to positions of wealth and power. I guess I have to point out that this is a misinformed view, since just as no ethnicity or city or country is all bad, neither is any income class. I know jerks in all classes of income. I probably even dislike wealthy jerks more, but what's that? That's not a reason to prompt a riot!

They can't just be all Dave Ramsey about their spending. They cannot simply avoid the trap of mindless consumerism by listening to grandmotherly advice (as Ramsey offers -- ask him), they have to claim the problem as their own, call it a terrible threat, go to great lengths to attend time-wasting, drone-leading-drone sit-ins and face arrest, and even riots (in Rome, so far), then proclaim: We have saved the world from themselves! Again!!

I have a request: you Adbusters-following, #OWS joining, park-sleeping, public-pooping, finger flickering, repeating-after-me-ing sheep (YouTube video from Occupy Atlanta) open your minds for REAL. First, listen to Dave Ramsey -- or any money-matters personalities out there -- and see where that takes you. It'll not draw you into the street, that's for sure, except to go find a job or two and bust a hump to make something of yourself.

Because I got news for you: capitalism works a lot better than socialism. If the U.S.A. went socialist, what would all those socialist countries that depend on us DO?!  


- J Ruse

aka @AirFarceOne


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Obama may not be connected to #OccupyWallStreet, but it is to him

Tonight (October 14, 2011), on the "O'Reilly Factor," host Bill O'Reilly said that there is no connection of Obama to the Occupy Wall Street protesters. Well, that's not exactly right. 

O'Reilly, Fox News' top-rated, conservative-leaning host and commentator, responded to a viewer's message which seemed to suggest that Obama had a hand in starting the OWS protests. O'Reilly said (paraphrasing) he has not seen anything to connect Obama to the protests. If there were something to connect the president to OWS, the host added, that would be an incredible story. 

O'Reilly is correct on both counts: there is no evidence showing Obama is involved with the protests, and if there were, it would make for a stunning story. But there's more to look at. 

Other than some complimentary references such as those Obama has already made to the protesters, there may never be a connection from Obama to the cult-like, repetitious, finger-swirling OWS crowds. The Fox News host -- and many others, too -- are missing a connection because they are looking for the links from the wrong side. 

While a direct connection from Obama to Occupy Wall Street (Et Al) is not evident, overtures are there. The connection is not from the White House to the activists, though. It is from the opposite direction, from activists to the ideas that swirl around at the bottom of the dirty sink filled with Obama's useful-idiot-pandering, Marxism-ridden, class warfare toned rhetoric. 

The message O'Reilly was reacting to was likely inspired by, in part, claims from those opposed to Obama and/or the protesters, that the "Occupy" protesters are involved, knowingly or not, in a diversion by the Left to take attention off of the economic failures of the Obama Administration and similar-thinking leaders. The person who wrote the Factor just went a little too far, and O'Reilly was not going to parse it, but answered the message directly. 

The park-squatting protesters who, at times, evoke blatantly anti-capitalist views, are the far side of what Obama seems to evoke, however dishonestly or veiled he is about it. Their anarchist-seeming chatter can make the anti-success, anti-rich, anti-business rhetoric of the vote-pandering White House seem more in the center of political discourse than it is. So the OWS movement is to Obama's advantage, possibly benefiting him among the most pliable of the public's eyes and ears. 

Media organizations from (the commonly liberal) Reuters -- as I saw and noted here -- to (the commonly thrashing liberals) Andrew Breitbart sites have made connections from the movement to Obama. 

O'Reilly is correct, but he has not seen the tweets, Facebook rants, and overt allegiance of "OWS" joiners to the Obama agenda.


J Ruse 

Like, Totally Political Dude! 
Twitter: @airfarceone

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Slumber: it's the new purpose-driven existence! #OWS #fail

A Washington Post headline that bounced to the top of the crop on Google News: "Postponement of NYC park cleanup heartens protesters, who say it buoys their cause."

They prevent the cleanup of a park they've kinda been trashing for four weeks, confront police, and this is a victory for their cause. 

So, let me get this straight: according to popular media (the mainstream media, SMS, whatever) the Tea Party went wrong by not attacking public parks with their butts. Being angry about a government gone giant-size, attacking the system with views of America's political legacy of limited federal government control, is where the Tea Party failed. They should have attacked ONLY the Wall Street banks (which they did, based on principles of taxation and cronyism, attack, but nobody wants to bring that up on the left)?  

That's sooo pathetic. 

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Slumber: it's the new purpose-driven existence! #OWS #fail

A Washington Post headline that bounced to the top of the crop on Google News: "Postponement of NYC park cleanup heartens protesters, who say it buoys their cause."

They prevent the cleanup of a park they've kinda been trashing for four weeks, confront police, and this is a victory for their cause. 

So, let me get this straight: according to popular media (the mainstream media, SMS, whatever) the Tea Party went wrong by not attacking public parks with their butts. Being angry about a government gone giant-size, attacking the system with views of America's political legacy of limited federal government control, is where the Tea Party failed. They should have attacked ONLY the Wall Street banks (which they did, based on principles of taxation and cronyism, attack, but nobody wants to bring that up on the left)?  

That's sooo pathetic. 

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Canadian anti-capitalist group created #OccupyWallStreet, is on list of Soros' pals #tcot #TeaParty

Who's behind the Wall St. protests?
from Reuters: those damned capitalist-loving, lapdog to the soul-crushing one percent, PIGS! 

Soros and the protesters deny any connection. But Reuters did find indirect financial links between Soros and Adbusters, an anti-capitalist group in Canada which started the protests with an inventive marketing campaign aimed at sparking an Arab Spring type uprising against Wall Street. Moreover, Soros and the protesters share some ideological ground.

Like the protesters, Soros is no fan of the 2008 bank bailouts and subsequent government purchase of the toxic sub-prime mortgage assets they amassed in the property bubble.
The protesters say the Wall Street bank bailouts in 2008 left banks enjoying huge profits while average Americans suffered under high unemployment and job insecurity with little help from Washington. They contend that the richest 1 percent of Americans have amassed vast fortunes while being taxed at a lower rate than most people.

Read more:

That's funny. Who ELSE is against bailouts, "too big to fail" ideas, and crony capitalism? THE TEA PARTY. But don't tell anyone. That will only confuse the insular, label-obsessed far left. After all, the Tea Party movement is actually thinly-veiled racism, according to them. That's why they HAD TO launch the Bowel Movement -- err, Occupy Wall Street (sleep-in?) movement. 

This was not created to distract from Obama's stunning failures, or to push noise into the air that suggests the Tea Party has nothing to say against Wall Street and government corruption. Still amazes me just how widely supported this became by leftists and many in the Democratic Party leadership within WEEKS. But, of course they like anyone making Wall Street bad, even while they take their donations, because it gives government all the more reason to boss around all of those who build business, add jobs, and earn big money. The DNC is all for big government!

And therein lies the PRIMARY DIFFERENCE between Occupy and Tea Party. One supports limiting government power while the other wants other people's hard work to -- beyond cronyism and crookedness -- go for their own good. One believes in individuals succeeding while the other believes in the successful propping up the rest not just a little, but to a ridiculous degree. 

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Bowel Movement: Loved by the left. The faaaaaar left

So the everyone-is-equally-as-important-as-everyone-else types over at Scallywag & Vagabond are among the, uhh, cultural commentators who embrace the Occupy hippies. No shock there. 

I watch you turn away from what is easy and stand up for what is right. I see you understand we as a society are only as strong as our weakest link. I see you wise beyond your years. And I am proud. Give ‘em hell, kids. You are beautiful.
Together we are strong.

WTF? Together we SMELL strong, more likeTheir strength comes in several scents: armpit sting, putrid clothes and feces. 

So, rational commentators are happy about this sit-in, public park ruining, trash spreading, public pooping movement? Oh, sorry, I only ASSUME you're rational. My mistake. 

You're happy about these yammering clowns, these union-funded, Democratic Party beloved hippie public defecating distractions? What do you think about the Tea Party? Would love to know. 

This is not Occupy Wall Street so much as it is the Bowel Movement, as we've seen. After all, taking a rule of the far left -- which this is SO CLEARLY driven by -- one or several idiots represent the whole. Just as one crazy creep allegedly appearing in a crowd in any given SANE, peaceable, organized and non-defecation Tea Party rally makes the entire movement racist, a pack of "tea baggers", a few morons crapping in public make this the Bowel Movement. 

Do tell: what's the Tea Party if not the rational, change-the-system from a place of stubborn American tradition. And what is this if not the directionless few drooling on themselves as they flick their fingers in the air like a pack of cult members, repeating each others' words as if The Borg?

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Postcards from the Wedge -- "Fwd: Getting to Charlotte"

The White House is "getting to Charlotte" and everyone who agrees with their policies is invited! What's more, everyone in the convention hall will MEET THE PRESIDENT! From the Obama 2012 campaign::
In Denver, in 2008, "we were nominating a candidate who reflects our hopes and our core values -- someone who's looking out for all Americans, not just those with the most money or the most power..."

As that quote shows, the Obama 2012 squad is hard at work while our president does federal government and "leader of the free world" stuff. Only recently, President Barack Obama did more of that working over of America when he lied, at a mic while making a statement at the White House, that he had met a jobless teacher from Boston. He didn't. It was a perfectly needless, self-ingratiating lie used to put lipstick on this pig: a clumsy, class president campaign-type comment to the effect of "it would be nice to have a budget to fund that guy a teaching job, wouldn't it?"

It would be terrific, Mr. President, truly. If there is money for it and an actual budget (a speech doesn't count!!) to do that and lots of other really neato stuff it would be jump-for-joy nutty good to do. But we're still arguing about where trials for terrorists ought to be, in some corners, thanks to your Admin's totally off-the-path policy priorities. What's the big deal about his little lie? It's one of many, for starters. This one: Obama blossomed the fact that he was in the general vicinity of a Boston teacher, claimed having "had the honor of meeting" the teacher (who may actually have a job, were now being told!), to make a really, really lame point. Obama was in the White House garden, lying for no good reason, and adding that we should get that teacher back into a classroom teaching some children.

The teacher complained that he had been laid off three times because of budget cuts or something bureaucratic and impersonal. Well, Obama knows impersonal! He said he met the teacher without sharing a word with him, from about five or six arm-lengths away at best. What an amazing man! Obama can even meet people without them realizing it until Obama tells the media about it! Here's more of that magical Obama power, as Juliana Smoot tells the fawning masses in a campaign email "Getting to Charlotte" (where the 2012 DNC Convention will be):

"I watched him [Obama] accept the Democratic nomination for the Presidency of the United States in Denver.

It was a powerful moment for a lot of reasons, but for many of us who were there, the point was driven home: It was so important that we were nominating a candidate who reflects our hopes and our core values -- someone who's looking out for all Americans, not just those with the most money or the most power."


Unlike those evil, racist, bigoted Tea Partiers, Republicans and zombie brain-eaters from Hell who have conservative economic and Constitutional views, the president cares about you! Just ask his buddy the CEO of GE! Yes, President Obama, one-term president, blamer-in-chief, supporter of the basic socialist-communist concept of "redistribution of wealth," is looking out for YOU! Isn't that nice? He is literally thinking about you right NOW, while having a cold milk with Santa -- it's a dairy summit. All hail the chief! Like your mom, your big brother (if he is cool), hall monitors, the camp counselor who pats your back a bit too long and slowly, an imaginary giant white rabbit, or the railings that your captor put on your bed sides, Obama is there for you. How is he showing it? Did you know that Obama never goes to sleep without first looking at a list of all of America's unemployed and underemployed. Of course, he reviews any deals for his illegal immigrant uncle (the drunk driver who drives for a living) or undocumented aunt in New England, or whichever relative will next stumble out into the light and be a terrible eyesore for a mostly in-the-tank press. He, obviously, caps off his night reading with the latest of his Department of Justice's emails regarding the failed sting, the cartel gun-running "Fast and Furious" fiasco nobody knew about till the week the story broke the MSM noise barrier (that was August, or July, some time, though some have been reporting on it since 2009). Oh now look at me, exaggerating: Obama does none of those things. But like the Boston teacher was, those issues are milling around him, so, therefore, he is right on top of them all, "dealing" with them like the big world leader that he is so clearly learning to be.

It's not important that Obama is much better at inventing stories of how he is dealing with such issues than how he is ACTUALLY dealing with them. That's what Congress is for: actually handling the issues. The White House doesn't have to deal with that, they just have to look... presidential-ish. But Pelosi had to stop being Speaker and that is when things got all messed up; they were going so well those first two years! There was the pledge to close Gitmo, to end the two wars, inspire love and respect for America from all the Islamic nations, hold the jobless rate to 8% or less, create 300,000 jobs a month, to name a few. All those successes! Well, possibilities, at least. The evil GOP had to get in the way and win those 2010 elections and prevent this from becoming a one-party nation like some nutty far left Democrats had been hoping for.

The White House and drips such as former Speaker Pelosi are "Getting to Charlotte" -- and whole lot of other communities, and not in a good way. I hope the amateur leaders (but professional campaigners) can hold themselves back when they lose the WH in 2012, and step down with the same impersonal grace with which Obama told of his fake discussion with an unemployed (employed?) Boston teacher in early October. Only 13 months to go. Best of luck, non-leftists, I am pulling for you to take the White House, and hold the House!! Perhaps non-leftists can even take a majority in the Senate. Thirteen months is a long time to watch amateurs run a country, after all.
- jR

"Postcards from the Wedge" - posts about the wedge that the White House drives between itself and the inconvenient facts of their clear failures. In the process, they put a wedge between Americans. We cannot let thoroughly self-centered politicians ruin this nation. (Ex: the sheep in their flock and informed Americans who like America better than they do redecorated socialist economic goals of redistribution that are peddled by the left.)

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How confusing is it for entitled punks in #occupywallstreet, et al, with #capitalist Steve Jobs passing?

Had a thought: 

Just how disingenuous are things seeming today for the whining, Twitter-engaged, iPhone (and any other smart phone) user, entitled nerdlings in #occupywallstreet, et al, what with #capitalist Steve Jobs passing? Or, for those of us watching from the outside. But then, irony was never sensed greatly among spoiled Western brats, was it? 

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HateWatch: protecting you from Republicans and conservatives who want to cook, eat your babies

This is their HateWatch blog, which seems to be a constant thing, focused solely on "radical Right", which of course includes Palin, Bachmann, etc. 

So, for the SPLC, opposing what they consider the Tea Party "Patriots" (with or without the quotations) is a main effort of this civil and legal rights group. 

And why shouldn't it be? Because any activist opposing government overreach who isn't a leftist must be brewing with hate and a dark agenda. Obviously there is NO SUCH THING as as a radical Left group, or surely their blog would not solely focus on the "radical right" (as they see it, which is radical, or just in disagreement with their government-hugging agenda).


J Ruse 

Like, Totally Political, Dude! 
Twitter: @airfarceone

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More 'Happy Face Fascism': Obama's latest rat squad: 'Attack Watch'


In between campaign efforts to draw small donations by offering a dinner with Obama for randomly selected supporters, Team Obama launched a busy-body snitch site, as it had in 2008. The new rat squad home page is It seems that the dinner-with-Obama effort has been pelting folks with an email every day for at least a week. It's because September 30 is a deadline, they say. Good to know. That probably doesn't mean the emails will stop, though. (Wow! What I do to stay informed....)

The Attack Watch link rolls Web surfers to the campaign domain, an all-black page with scant content, encouraging people to report lies that make Obama look bad, or just don't get the facts omitted quite they way he'd like them to be. 

It is a site for Obama supporters, of course, so that assumes many are the same people who have called the Tea Party movement a pack of racists since the beginning. So, lies might amount to just about anything said against Obama and his policies, right, wrong or simply viewed with thinking that isn't stuck in the far left mindset. 

Along with his supposed jobs plan, which seems to functionally favor giant corporations and penalize small biz people by going after the more successful ones' personal income, this rat squad thing is a further descent into what I call "Happy Face Fascism"

"Zero"-bama is no Mussolini (search), certainly, but it seems very clear that he is at heart an academician, a man who lives on theories and words rather than effort and actions, who: 

  • was not a tested leader until January 2009
  • campaigns all the time
  • coaches from the bench
  • leads by blaming and false flagging
  • says he has a plan/budget/bill and RARELY produced any from his office 

This all has an air of pushing a cult of personality, a fascistic one-sidedness, and not a positive "hope and change" promise. Not mere politics, but overt divisiveness. I am not encouraged by this continued "I" and "me" focus of the reelection campaign.  

It took too long for him to focus on jobs, truly, yet he had the nerve to claim, in September, that no one else had been focusing on them. How could anyone? Too busy keeping terrorists out of NYC courtrooms, trying to get a handle on a 2,500-page health "reform" bill, etc. Obama has "refocused" on job creation how many times since 2009? Must be at least three times, and I suspect it is more. 

I DON'T BUY INTO HIS HYPE. I am troubled by ANYONE who continues to. His people have to blow smoke in public, or they would have to quit. Anyone else, it's just troubling. 

Don't be guilted into sympathizing with this clumsy leader, and don't let anyone you know feel it's a bad thing to disagree with our first Black president. Because he is more than that: he IS OUR PRESIDENT. 

He wanted the job, then didn't do the job. HE DIDN'T DO THE JOB. He's to blame, not Americans, not Bush, not even Congress -- both sides -- not all blame or even most can go onto the GOP. 

Yes, "the anointed one" -- as Sean Hannity calls him --  wanted the job, then didn't do things in any practical order. Jobs first? No! Gitmo closing was his 1st priority. Second was his forgotten Cairo speech. How did those two moves work out for him, or you and me?

When came jobs? The initial stimulus was either a failure, or it was not far enough. Either way, it was a bad try. Tragic not for Obama but for lots of citizens. And then the White House and its pals could not seem to get out of the way for anything. "Corporate jet owners" became one of the Most Wanted, it seemed from the rhetoric. 

We cannot allow this self-centered, smooth-talking master campaigner to hold the White House for another term. All hope was that this aggressive young president would rise to occasion. He did, but he was dancing to the wrong music. 

Obama is simply not good for America. He might be suitable to vote "present" somewhere, like he had in the Illinois State Senate, but in the big-boy world of Washington, D.C., he just can't handle. He's got a record now, and now we ought to know what happens when you DON'T elect someone based on some sort of legitimate, clear, open record. Bad leadership happens.

He won in 2008 by a small but decisive margin, and America has had a president who wasn't White. For that, he will go down in history. I am eager to see another Black man move into that role, or a woman, or Hispanic/Latino, but preferably one who isn't full of ideological assumptions that cannot pan out in a free country. But one who isn't running -- shamelessly, at times -- on their ethnic background or sex.

I'd like to see the United States have a leader who isn't part of the pigeon-holing politics (as in, label-obsessed) of the far left liberal elitist masters of the Democratic Party. Obama has shown, short of a few examples, that he is incapable of veering toward the center. Sadly, he also appears to be incapable of submitting a serious budget to Congress (his last one famously failed in the Senate, 97 to 0 in May 2011). isn't the kind of activism that bring people to a table to share, it cultivates divisiveness. So... NEXT! 

[Image: An home screen view (Sept. 2011)]

- jR

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WHITEY ALERT! Another racist Midwestern politico opposes Obama's aviation money grab! Oh, wait...

Wichita mayor joins opposition to Obama's proposed aviation taxes
WICHITA, Kansas -- Wichita Mayor Carl Brewer has joined 77 other mayors in 44 states in a letter of opposition to the aviation tax increases proposed by President Barrack Obama.
During a Tuesday morning press conference with aviation reporters from national and local publications, Mayor Brewer questioned the logic of various revenue measures which target general aviation.
"I'm struggling to try to understand why the President is doing this," Mayor Brewer said. "I cringe each and every time those comments are made."
This racially driven, cruelly capitalist, extremely business-oriented, clearly big-industry-owned mayor of a large Midwestern city has been the topic of rumors that he is of African descent. Of course, this is ridiculous, because he would not be elected as a mayor of a large city in one of the whitest, church-loving Midwestern states in the union if he really were Black. 

If you want to see the shameless lie of a photo of Brewer that accompanies the whole article, click here to visit

- jR

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I think I already follow, so wanted to give a #FF nod to @patriotpost:

I think I #follow them already, but I wanted to give the #FollowFriday nod to @patriotpost (twitter)

Solid site design, and very much a Constitutional and limited Fed governing blog! I cannot but question why you aren't more busy with it! Ha! Perhaps, like me, you have too many other things you're tied to. 

- jR

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Carter advice for Obama: it's spit-on-your-monitor funny!

I saw this headline and, in my amazement, spit on my computer monitor while trying to retrain my guffawing: Jimmy Carter: President Obama Leaves Too Much to Congress

Carter suggests that Obama should take his ideas directly to the people, then adds that Obama leaves too much to the Legislative Branch. Carter -- yes, Jimmy Carter -- was suggesting that Obama left too much of the actual heavy-lifting, the development of plans and budgets, etc., to Congress. 

So Carter thinks Obama should SKIP Congress and offer his ideas straight to the American people. Hey! Now here's a former president who's been paying attention since January 2009, eh? We all know how few PRIME TIME SPEECHES Mr. Obama has given.   

Q: Is a strong economic plan the key to President Obama securing a second term?
Carter: Well, that's one thing I pretty much ignored to my political sorrow when I was in office—election-year politics and things like that. I think that the best political approach for him even now would be to let the people know that he was bold and knowledgeable and politically courageous in order to put forward things that would result in some decrease in services, including Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid, but also increase revenue. 

At least now we all FINALLY understand why Jimmy Carter, didn't win reelection in 1980. Had nothing to do with 21% inflation, the Iranian Hostage Crisis, and Ted Kennedy going up against him to try and take the Democratic nomination, to name a few things. 

The most gorgeous quote from Carter is this: 

President Obama has a policy, which may very well be the right one for now, of letting the Congress evolve multiple bills and then ultimately negotiating to get a final decision, or even no decisions. I think a much stronger approach by the White House would be my own personal belief, as a political philosophy.
Read more: 

The takeaway to this US News and World Report interview -- to me, at least -- is that even former president Carter is offering reelection advice to Obama. That cannot be a good sign for Obama's 2012 intention of further dividing the nation so that he may retain the highest office in the land. 

Do you think Obama will back away from being a divider in order to attempt to win in 2012? I don't know about that. After all, he's an election winner, a campaigner. He is not a leader. Remember that. He wants to win -- whatever happens after that isn't his fault. He's shown that so far this time, hasn't he? It's all Bush's fault, or left to Congress.     

- jR

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"O" becomes Zero: Will Obama be picked up for season 5?

He's our first true celebrity president: I don't mean he's the first noteworthy one, of course, but the first one to be elected mostly on celebrity. He was nearly a created character for a TV show, composed of stories and lacking in facts and a leadership record to refer to; unproven as an executive; liked mostly because he's likable (by some, or in some ways, at least); made interesting by only tall tales, a diverse lineage and colorful anecdotes; and talented at talking talking talking talking ... and campaigning. And like a show known for its cliffhangers, he present plans, but as if the episode ended on his bold statements, he never gets to the part where he presents the plan IN WRITING. Of course, he and his cronies do manage to attack the foes' plans, which are in writing. 

None of "Zero"-bama's goals from his campaign actually have been accomplished, only certain goals of government have been accomplished. He did move to close Guantanamo, naively try to hold terrorist trials in NYC, ban Fox News from interviews with WH, lie about his former church leader's crazy talk, lie about his affiliations to domestic terrorist Ayers. Well, he did force a massive, government-intense "health care reform" bill through with his equally out-of-touch liberal leaders of the House and Senate, claim the border wall is almost complete, ... you get the idea. These aren't mere throw-aways or theories, not conspiracy theories about Sept. 11 involvements or how his family buddies up with terrorists, not that he's secretly a Muslim extremist, nor that he was born in another country. These are actual actions and statements by the new Zero. 

It's lie and evade, duck and cover, say what your plan will be but don't actually give out the plan in writing. "Zero"-bama is still trying to vote present, three years into his presidency. He's still the amateur he entered the White House as. He's only gotten crankier.

He chose a VP who is far more embarrassing than that other beloved goofball, Dan Quayle (Biden famously claimed "300,000 jobs" a month to be created. Remember that? Do I need to list more of his notable gaffe's?), and other stunning mistakes that an amateur would commit. 

The take-away here is that no matter how you try to decorate the windows: "This is how great nations fail. They put small men in big jobs." that was the closing sentence in a letter to the editor to the Scripps newspapers of Florida -- the Treasure Coast group found at -- recently. That sums it up well! 

Obama has not quite accomplishing nothing, however... he seeks to limit the military and has historically attacked the intelligence agencies, en masse, since before being elected. He had on many occasions said one thing as a senator, and in the White House demanded another. He is also an expert at -- or gets help -- accosting his political foes for having the same views now that he held as a senator. 

Obama is today suffering from a common problem for politicians -- and trouble-making teenagers -- having a public record. Let the voters learn that it's better to not like a few things from a person's record than to not know much of anything about a person's record except that they hide it from the public for as long as possible. And that is our current president, in all his self-centered, propped up, narcissistic glory.

Yeah, that's not a successful leader, actually. That's a leader who was mistakenly propped up to lead, who we all can now see is no leader. 

- jR

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Return of the Jughead: Florida's Alan Grayson comes around again. Crap.

I can only call this: Return of the Jughead.

The great Florida embarrassment Alan Grayson is touting his posture during his crass two years in Congress, representing part of the Orlando area:

Politifact reviews a recent message to his, uh, fans: 

... But did he also make a false claim? Of all his figures, his statement that the United States sent $360 million "straight to the Taliban" was the most striking.
It didn't take long to turn up what he was talking about.
Grayson was referencing an Aug. 16, 2011, story by the Associated Press that preceded the commission's in-depth report. The AP reported that an investigation by a military task force found that $360 million in taxpayer money meant to strengthen Afghanistan's economy ended up going to "the Taliban, criminals and power brokers with ties to both."

Well, he's not wrong. Yippee. So he's not completely out of his nut. 

But he sure isn't easy to tolerate when he's more full of, uhh, hateful "rhetoric", than credible content. And he's better at making the news with one than the other. 

- jR

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Hurriedly, Obama demands Congress -- finally! -- do something on jobs

Top of the Ticket:

961 days in, Obama becomes sick and tired of someone dawdling about jobs

Speaking on behalf of millions of Americans who've grown angry and frustrated over the president's 32-month ineffective inactivity on the job creation front, President Obama on Thursday told members of Congress they really have to do something about the crummy employment situation -- and do it quickly.

Because the Americans Obama hasn't been listening to are really hurting now. And -- who's....

....counting? -- but it's only 424 days until Nov. 6, 2012. No plan yet to pay for Obama's ideas. But he wants immediate passage of his American Jobs Act anyway.

Read More:

You cannot knock Obama, he was busy solving his constituencies' problems for the first 3/4 of his term. When he wasn't trying to raise money for himself, or others... mostly himself.  He got to it as soon as he could! You gotta understand... he's just not that into jobs. 

- jR

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Black Caucus Is Put In Their Place (Again) - Big J

I can hear the same people this laments calling such a commentary as this "racist": 

"These few blacks get to be touted as “the leaders.” In exchange, millions of other black people struggle to get by and are taught that salvation comes from government...."

The CBC Is Put In Their Place (Again)

It’s no secret that I am no fan of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) because they are traitors to the black community. ... Read more

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JIM CROW Laws and Hangings - Again!? Allen West threatens to reconsider his membership in Black Caucus

What is a perfect example of what is deeply wrong with American leadership? Indiana Democratic Rep. Andre Carson. He inspires irrational fear and hatred: that is one way to divide, and win elections. Not just any fear, but fear of violence and dark images from shameful times in history, to inspire hatred. 

The Congressional Black Caucus effectively agrees with "hanging from trees" comment about Tea Party movement, made by this shell of a man. Because the CBC wouldn't condemn Carson's very divisive comments, Florida Republican Allen West said he was considering getting out of that caucus. 

This guy Carson ought to be hanging himself, politically, but instead it appears he's allowed to inspire and fuel illegitimate hatred toward a grass roots movement that chiefly opposes big government since he's a liberal, a racial minority, and thus a favorite to the liberal MSM. 

Shame. Totally predictable, but a shame. The PC cowards in the mass media, from my viewing this morning, barely stepped near the outrageous part of this story: Carson's comparing Tea Partiers to Jim Crow law supporters who want to hang black men. And throughout the day this spite-stricken race-baiter didn't really get any serious sway online, outside of venues that were conservative. 

Don't think that this is just him running at the mouth about the GOP bringing back Jim Crow laws: it's filthy politicking that was used by the DNC's chair, Florida's Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, about a month ago. Something she never backed off of, that I saw. 

Welcome to the Democratic Party of the 21st Century. 
If you can't win with even the vaguest use of reason, then make your enemies out to be racists, bigots, simpletons, extremist religious zealots, or worse -- wanton killers (hangings, gun-toters, mobs, extremists, etc.). Make it easy on yourself, attack your foes without shame, don't permit them to come off as even human, if you can manage it. Because you're a liberal, the assumption is that you are open-minded, even though your words show something closer to spite, not for despicable actions, but merely those who disagree with you. There's a theme of that... you've seen it. 
What is wrong with American leadership? Indiana Democratic Rep. Andre Carson is the big example from recorded events that aired today. Who will it be tomorrow, or over the weekend? 

Enjoy, it's going to be happening all through the 2012 cycle. 

Try not to let it upset you much, just get you to be more determined to get the country to back away from this craziness. Don't get too uptight over it, because people are ruined by hatred and anger. A leader would inspire people to be concerned about issues, not fear a return to Jim F-ing Crowe laws. 

Let overbearing, spastic, fuming hatred be the failure of those who disagree with you, if they gave to be that way. Let hate sting the politicians who encourage the hot, blind dislike of people who simply hold differing views, don't let it be yours. 

You be the rational ones. And enjoy reducing their hate speech to buffoonery and exploitation of their fans. Hopefully, enough will step back from such mad-chattering jerks and lean more toward something that holds reason. 

CBC brushes Allen West’s threat to reconsider his membership aside 
HOT AIR » TOP PICKS | SEP. 1, 2011 

Too busy to bother. Read more

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Casino set ablaze, allegedly over protection payments, Calderon blasts US for it

Casino set ablaze, allegedly over protection payments, Calderon blasts US for it

Mexico's premier blasts US after casino massacre (MSNBC)

"We're neighbors, we're allies, we're friends, but you are also responsible," a somber and angry Calderon said.
It is assumed the attack was carried out by the Zetas cartel, who allegedly set fire to the casino because the owners had not paid some $10,000 a week the organization had demanded, government officials told Excelsior.
"It's clear that we are not confronting common criminals, we are confronting true terrorists," Calderon said in a televised speech after meeting his security advisers.

That last statement by the president of our neighbor to the south is in stark disagreement with one of his guys. There was an, uhh, argument -- or, rationalization worthy of an immature, 13-year-old, stoned hippie cult member, not a nation's representative -- by Mexico ambassador to the U.S., Arturo Sarukhan in a letter to the Dallas Morning News in which he referred to drug cartel leaders as a type of businessman, stressing that they were not any sort of terrorist (see 

So, is that Carlos Slim billionaire dude who's invested in the New York Times one of these "businessmen", too?

I'm glad Calderon calls them terrorists, but how'd the U.S. drug lust fit into the protection money racket, exactly? I'm not doubting that druggie losers int eh U.S. are helping build up the Mexican cartels, but I don't think this casino burned because some junkie in El Paso was lighting up a glass pipe. That is a lawlessness of another kind entirely. It's called owning your turf. We had a lot of that in this country about 80 years ago, when folks like Al Capone were chewing up enemies. 

- jR (aka AirFarceOne -- Twitter)

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Ocala lawmakers, and federal and state laws, decide fate of abundant public park ducks: Death by poison

Another example of government failing to serve, but doing a good job to push around:

Ocala's verdict for Tuscawilla ducks: Death by poison (from
By Susan Latham Carr

If they weren't doomed to euthanization, the Muscovy ducks that have confounded officials by their proliferation in city parks and retention ponds would have died of embarrassment Tuesday watching the Ocala City Council's highly emotional decision-making process that ended in the ducks' demise.

Council President Daniel Owen hurled vitriol and foul language at Keith Belisle of Ocala Wildlife Sanctuary Inc. (OWLS), who requested to move the 110 offending ducks to a duck-friendly farm at no charge to the city.

"It's too bad ducks don't pay taxes because I would tax the hell out of them for the s--- they put at our parks," an angry Owen growled at Belisle, referencing the ducks that soil city picnic tables and walkways.

Owen spoke softer but with the same angry edge to Tish Hennessey, All Creatures Sanctuary founder, who harbors 200 Muscovy ducks removed from the city of Belleview. She also offered, with a request for a donation, to house the Ocala ducks to keep them from being killed as the city staff recommended.

"However we can assist in helping this be a case of humanness and love and representative of all the people in Marion County that this is a place that loves their animals, we would do whatever is necessary," Hennessey said.

"Do you have any suggestions on how we can treat the humans in our parks humanely and with love?" Owen asked Hennessey. "Right now we bridge that gap between ducks and humans with a lot of pressure washing and Clorox."


<< Please comment! 

Another blurb on this stupid highlight of what I believe are stupid laws, via an Ocala radio station's site, tells us that government, from Ocala to Washington, D.C., would rather pay to have non-native ducks killed than to have them moved, alive, FOR FREE, into the care of a group that doesn't encourage killing rather harmless water foul:

Federal and state regulations and control orders prohibit the ducks from be moved to a new site and that also allows Muscovy ducks to be removed for the public good. reports the city will hire the U.S. Department of Agriculture for $8,406 to carry out the order.

Dear Ocala, Florida, and AMERICA: 

With regard to the above, I admit I am dumbfounded by the laws used to excuse this action. I don't understand. Non-native or not, I am creeped out by what is very crass decision-making. 

However, the article also suggests that one damaged, flailing ego (City Council's Owen) intended to "win" the argument over the removal of near-harmless animals. He chose the most foul way possible (no pun meant) while avoiding being the ducky assassin himself. So, not only is he hateful to ducks, but he's a bit of a bitchy coward. By the tone suggested in the article, this Owen guy wields his power with a golden thumb-sucking blanket. 

Ocala: Use this numb-skulled move to inspire you to choose leaders who are NOT apparent emotionally stunted dorks such as Council boss Owen. I don't know the whole story, but I do believe that treating ducks like they are dead tree branches is poor form.

There's this: these creatures might have been able to be food for homeless families. No? These ducks not good meat for humans? 

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Rural towns, an armored tour bus and its indefensible occupant

Does anyone see the irony to President Obama taking a $1.1 mil armored bus -- and convoy -- on a tour of rural communities? I KNOW the stark contrast of a shiny black tour bus and the weary barns and some struggling inhabitants along rural roads must make for a real obscene picture of out-of-touchedness, doesn't it? ABC? NBC? MSNBC? CBS? CurrentTV? Logo? No? Oh, that's right, we're relating a story about a liberal Democrat, not a Republican actually working a primary campaign at the moment. Do ya think an armored pickup truck would have been better? Or an old-fashioned steam engine whistle stop tour? No, not for the Campaigner-in-Chief. He deserves a new, heavily customized, armored, rock band arena tour bus. And the trip to be funded by the tax dollars of the adoring concertgoers - uh, citizens. What's more, this "Dark Times Tour" cavalcade is clearly a 2012 campaign tour. How can it not be? There is only 15 months to go before the election! Enough of this laser-focus on the economy and job creation! It's change-you-can-believe-in-part-2 time! Was there a month where Mr. Obama wasn't campaigning? I don't think he ever actually stopped campaigning. He got the wrong job. He should have been the DNC chairman, not president. That job would suit him. That, or being the figurehead president of chairman of a behemoth corporation, with his easy smile (easier bloodshot eyes) and ability to make an Enron-style confidence scheme look brilliant.
- jR

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Moral Liberal: No Crisis With a Steel Cross at Ground Zero

Funny, I thought atheists didn't believe in any god. This makes me think that they themselves are simply unbelievable for anyone else. So, which is it? 

From a site called the Moral Liberal (tip: it's classical liberal, not the American nut-job lefty loon type of so-called liberal which actually seem to be statist utopianists or statist socialists).

Americans Get It - No Constitutional Crisis With Cross at Ground Zero

...We’ve explained the unbelievable arguments put forth in the lawsuit by American Atheists – a lawsuit that charges that their plaintiffs are experiencing “depression, headaches, anxiety, and mental pain and anguish” – not from the devastating destruction of life caused by the terrorists on 9/11 – but as a “direct and proximate result of the unconstitutional existence of the cross.”

-- Noooo kidding.  

That is not pathetic, crazy, or hilarious, though. The rest of us must respect their right to not believe in anything. Anything they could believe in would make any sense at all, if this is their idea of a reasonable civil suit. Thoroughly unbelievable.

- jR

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Is the debt scary? Are big numbers always scary? Is math scary?

There are Web sites that can help out those who want to know a little about large-scale money matters, or economics for dummies and those who are econ-curious. One such site is called Economics in Plain English
From Feb of 2011, which we might be calling the good old days in 2013, there is this post, which is informative without being too painful (to the non-nerds curious about economics, but not to those who want to know nothing about economics). 

The United States’ current level of national debt is still affordable and consistent with several other nations. The problem, however, is that with the continued rate of growth in the debt experienced over the last 10 years it will not be affordable forever. National accounting statistics show clearly that the U.S.’s 96% national debt/GDP percentage is, in fact, above average compared with most other modern economies, but it is certainly not the highest as economies like Japan and Italy currently have debt/GDP levels at 204% and 130%, respectively. Moreover, the level of U.S. national debt as a percentage of GDP (96%) is relatively close to where it was back in 1950 after having financed World War II. Our nation’s highest level of debt relative to GDP was 121% back in 1945. The key point is that debt must be benchmarked to our nation’s income which is GDP. I find it interesting that if I tell someone that Bill Gates owes someone $10M they quickly can figure out that he’s probably fine, but if I tell the guy at Starbucks that the U.S. owes $14.1T they think the country must be ready to go bankrupt. Big numbers really scare people, so one needs a perspective.

How high should we do? Here's the suggestion made in that same post:
What should be the goal? I say a debt level of 67% of GDP should be the goal, which is a very average and affordable level of debt. It’s OK for debt to grow as long as it does not become too high relative to the size of our economy or GDP.

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