Ocala lawmakers, and federal and state laws, decide fate of abundant public park ducks: Death by poison

Another example of government failing to serve, but doing a good job to push around:

Ocala's verdict for Tuscawilla ducks: Death by poison (from Ocala.com)
By Susan Latham Carr

If they weren't doomed to euthanization, the Muscovy ducks that have confounded officials by their proliferation in city parks and retention ponds would have died of embarrassment Tuesday watching the Ocala City Council's highly emotional decision-making process that ended in the ducks' demise.

Council President Daniel Owen hurled vitriol and foul language at Keith Belisle of Ocala Wildlife Sanctuary Inc. (OWLS), who requested to move the 110 offending ducks to a duck-friendly farm at no charge to the city.

"It's too bad ducks don't pay taxes because I would tax the hell out of them for the s--- they put at our parks," an angry Owen growled at Belisle, referencing the ducks that soil city picnic tables and walkways.

Owen spoke softer but with the same angry edge to Tish Hennessey, All Creatures Sanctuary founder, who harbors 200 Muscovy ducks removed from the city of Belleview. She also offered, with a request for a donation, to house the Ocala ducks to keep them from being killed as the city staff recommended.

"However we can assist in helping this be a case of humanness and love and representative of all the people in Marion County that this is a place that loves their animals, we would do whatever is necessary," Hennessey said.

"Do you have any suggestions on how we can treat the humans in our parks humanely and with love?" Owen asked Hennessey. "Right now we bridge that gap between ducks and humans with a lot of pressure washing and Clorox."

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Another blurb on this stupid highlight of what I believe are stupid laws, via an Ocala radio station's site, tells us that government, from Ocala to Washington, D.C., would rather pay to have non-native ducks killed than to have them moved, alive, FOR FREE, into the care of a group that doesn't encourage killing rather harmless water foul:

Federal and state regulations and control orders prohibit the ducks from be moved to a new site and that also allows Muscovy ducks to be removed for the public good. 

Ocala.com reports the city will hire the U.S. Department of Agriculture for $8,406 to carry out the order.

Dear Ocala, Florida, and AMERICA: 

With regard to the above, I admit I am dumbfounded by the laws used to excuse this action. I don't understand. Non-native or not, I am creeped out by what is very crass decision-making. 

However, the Ocala.com article also suggests that one damaged, flailing ego (City Council's Owen) intended to "win" the argument over the removal of near-harmless animals. He chose the most foul way possible (no pun meant) while avoiding being the ducky assassin himself. So, not only is he hateful to ducks, but he's a bit of a bitchy coward. By the tone suggested in the article, this Owen guy wields his power with a golden thumb-sucking blanket. 

Ocala: Use this numb-skulled move to inspire you to choose leaders who are NOT apparent emotionally stunted dorks such as Council boss Owen. I don't know the whole story, but I do believe that treating ducks like they are dead tree branches is poor form.

There's this: these creatures might have been able to be food for homeless families. No? These ducks not good meat for humans? 

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