Elite-led media resents a hero they don't understand: Ben Carson and the real world

Dr. Ben Carson dared to suggest that gay couples deserve to be treated equally, but to stop short of giving that the word "marriage." He mentioned NAMBLA and beastiality in the same sentence as gays, upsetting some folks. He apologized and clarified what he meant. More than once. On televison. But that's not good enough for the bigotos of the left, in this drippy, no-detractors echo chamber pep rally that is most of the mainstream media.
From the article, NBC News on Dr. Ben Carson: 'Blinded by the White', on Breitbart.com:
Carson ... said he was in favor of giving same-sex couples the same rights as married couples, short of marriage. 
NBC News obviously wants to destroy the threat of any independent-thinking black man as quickly as possible. So it should come as no surprise that, by the time Washington Post columnist Jonathan Capehart filled in for MSNBC's Martin Bashir, Carson's apology was treated as far from sufficient. In short, Capehart and his guests, Toure' and Krystal Ball, treated the apology as a lie.
This is all par for the course at NBC News.
Sadly, so is the chryron pictured above -- "Blinded by the White" --  which was used as the clip of Dr. Carson played during the segment.
NBC News is notorious for using this kind of race-baiting to further its left-wing agenda, including fraud
While it's easy to pass it off as a given that media is left-leaning, that's not enough to indict the media. And it doesn't have to be. 
The leaders of our media are part of the most insular, closed-quarter, often the most highfalutin, parts of this country and the world. If they aren't humble enough to recognize that, and if they don't instill such humility in writers (not opinion writers, journalists!) and demand that they work against their own biases, then these media leaders and their writers are part of the problem. As it happens, these leaders are dragging newbies panting and eager to please, every year, into that same highrise with a limited perspective. Arrogance begets arrogance. 
It encourages an ignorance of the great outside: the real world. The world in which Dr. Ben Carson grew up. 
There's NBC, The Washington Post (often, not decisively), TIME, Huffinton Post (madhouse filled with nut-job leftist commenters, to boot), GQ, CBS, CNN, etc., etc., all seeming to be trying to be the big man on the left. It's a tone deafness of those who live in certain quarters believing they have the answers for the whole. 
And they will treat those who aren't on their side not with curiosity or even cynicism, but snide disregard and putrid insults, like MSNBC treats Dr. Carson.  
They need some humility. 

- jR, aka AirFarceOne

Alaska: Ugly, fat, ranch-raised hick refers to ranch workers as 'wetbacks'

I wonder if Rep. Don Young (R - Alaska) grew up with his entire family calling the migrant workers on his father's farm "wetbacks" to their face?
My father had a ranch; we used to have 50-60 wetbacks to pick tomatoes,” Young told Alaska public radio station KRBD.

Alaska: "former" needs to become part of Rep. Young's political title very, very soon.
"I used a term that was commonly used during my days growing up on a farm in Central California," Young said in the statement. "I know that this term is not used in the same way nowadays and I meant no disrespect."
It's "not used in the same way nowadays"? Does he mean it's not used today the way we used to use terms such as "spic," "kike," "slant-eyes," or "n..." never mind, you get my point.

Of course, if I think Alaska should boot this doddering, redneck Peter Griffin type, I must also urge Congress members and voters everywhere to hook and pull many more stumbling nitwits. Just thinking of offensive, slanderous statements that went ignored by Democrats at the moment, I can think of national leaders from Georgia, Illinois, California, in my state of Florida (several, but not my district, thankfully) -- and with a little research I could identify more, if not all, states -- who have provided quotes worse than this single use of "wetback" by a stupid, ugly, old, ranchero redneck, fat guy's. 

But you know what? Rep. Young still needs to go, to be replaced by a better, more decent, fiscally conservative, ethnically clued-in Republican. The GOP needs to grow a pair when this stuff happens and move 'em out and deal with this directly. 

It's unseemly to accept people like this as our leaders on any level. Conservatives -- and liberals I know -- lament the collapse of traditional morals, ethics and respect. Well, here's a chance to address it like we're wearing big boy pants now. 

House Majority Leader John Boehner was quoted chastising Young on USA Today: "Congressman Young's remarks were offensive and beneath the dignity of the office he holds. I don't care why he said it -- there's no excuse and it warrants an immediate apology."

Read the shameful story here (Yahoo! News):
GOP lawmaker calls Hispanic workers ‘wetbacks’ | The Ticket - Yahoo! News

- jR, aka AirFarceOne (Twitter)

Some sick creeps foul the public discourse over same-sex couples' rights

Look at the two same-sex couples in the photo, one of each, kissing in front of a group of anti-gay-marriage activists (or traditional marriage supporters). Couples sucking face in public? A bearded guy kissing another guy just underlines the ick-factor for me -- being straight. Yeah, uhh, WROOONG. To me -- and I know plenty of others -- this kind of stuff can, at least in certain settings, be just plain wrong. 


Same sex couples kiss in front of anti-gay protesters at the Supreme Court.  (Karen Bleier, AFP/Getty Images)


In context, I find such flamboyance-in-activism to be the wrong way -- the ineffective way -- to sell your idea since, in this case, all I see form the couples is, well, sexual-activity-light.

The oh, pleeeease! factor is less than some guys prancing down the street in tight little yellow shorts with nothing else on but rainbow suspenders and shiny white sneakers. But, not really getting the best points across. Some people want to believe that seeking rights isn't about middle-fingering the world, but about, well, RIGHTS. Legitimacy, not acting out. 

So when I looked at this and read the caption on USAToday.com, I thought, "kinda rude."

At first. 

Then, my sense of the context changed dramatically. I sorted out some text and graphics on some signs held up behind the couples. MUCH MORE WRONGER.

One sign clearly has "Fag" in all-caps. Another one appears to have that term, too. A few have male stick figures bent over. One of those clearly shows another male behind him in a, y'know, rearend bonking position, on top of a wedding cake. Huh?!

Then it struck me: Westboro Baptist Church -- the family that hates together grates on society together. If you didn't know, this is not a church, but family of mean people that claims to be a Christian church. They are but a repugnant excuse for the least of liberals and other numbskulls to hate all conservatives and Christians, representing neither in truth.

So I have to congratulate the gay couples for their good behavior. 

The might not be from Westboro Baptist Church. I don't think they're any different from them, though, whoever they are. They should be in straightjackets, not at the front of a group of conservative activists!


Sadly, there was a pretty big fail in the caption by USA Today, and perhaps the photographer (pro photographers provide captions with their images, but publications typically are free to change the captions). The activists with the horrible signage were not well-identifed. (See the caption above, it's the caption USAToday.com included.)


VIEW the full-size image HERE. See the series, "Demonstrators rally outside the Supreme Court," on USAToday.com, here

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Evan Sayet and the Hollywood mob rule: what determines which subjects TV shies away from?

Mediaite reported -- and the man himself noted it on Facebook, which got me to the story -- on comedian and author Evan Sayet visiting Fox News Channel's morning show "Fox & Friends" (on March 26, 2013) to discuss his new book, The Kindergarden of Eden ("kindergarden" is a play on words, dude, not misspelled -- wake up). His book is a take on the liberal mindset, which is not his mindset, and why "ignorance is bliss" is a good thing to liberals.

That news junkies' news junkie (and, celebrity news junkie site, by the way) Web site mentioned this (my emphases):

Comedy about [Bill] Clinton was about his weight or promiscuity, Sayet asserted, whereas comedy about Dick Cheney and George W. Bush was about their “evil.”

They put the quotes around the word evil.

It wasn't always comedic delivery about their being "evil," either, I saw. Cynical, not funny; snide, not satirical. Nasty. Maybe it was strictly in humor on some shows, but not off of basic cable, and not always. David Letterman? Yeah, an evolving, ever-smaller small-minded jerk there. Just review his "humorous" comments about members of the Sarah Palin family.

People wrote such vitriolic political skullduggery into dramatic programming, for goodness sake! I've noted it all over the place! And for Obama and the never-say-too-demanding progressive movement? There was an effort, however trounced, to promote White House policy on fictional shows. 

Sayet mentioned on his "Fox & Friends" visit that he had approached a cable network with a show of his own. He claimed that the executives, or an executive, told him that it would be the best-rated show on the network, probably, but they wouldn't do it.

Why? Sayet said that the executives told him stars would resent the executives, and thus, their network, of they aired a conservative comedy show. That would apparently hurt their bottom line, I guess. Man up, wusses. Something other than left-leaning bumbling news and commentary sure seems to be destroying the TV news world. What-evvs, bitches. 

The story about Sayet's FNC interview on Mediaite is here

Get his book while you're at it: on Amazon (via FoxNews link).


More thoughts:

Was Bush not referred to, often, as somehow evil in Hollywood-driven pop culture? In the blogosphere there's outraged or overly excited (that's my view, so suck it up, and cool it off, friends) folks who refer to Obama as evil these days, yes. I counter them as I do cracking liberals. But against Obama, it's not used in advertising to draw in viewers as it has been for Bush and his bunch. 

You can even forget about the recent liberal peppering of Bush with innuendo in pop culture. Consider Ronald Reagan, conservatism of the 1980s, and the hit TV show "Family Ties." The Michael J. Fox character on that show -- Alex P. Keaton -- famously adored Reagan and was not -- NOT -- meant to be the star of the show. 

"Family Ties" was intended to be about married hippies with children, raising a family in a Reagan-led country. Alex Keaton was an irritant to his hippie parents, but he became the lead, the focus of the show. Plans for marginalizing conservatives and Republicans failed, and that time they sucked it up and made lots of cash on the talent of Fox (and the other castmembers, but Fox was clearly the star), and a character the show's creators, it seems, didn't want the audience to like. Look it up! Or read one thing I found, here.

Alex Keaton is just one famous character that was supposed to be a mockery of conservatives. There are more examples, including a show driven by "The Fonz," Henry Winkler, that went from bad to awful in the few shows that aired. But the biting lines in scripts that characterize any sort of conservative as bad are legion.

You can see hoardes of feckless (that means unthinking, lazy, and a bunch of other things that aren't achievement-oriented, Skippy) liberals spew feckless and offensive tweets at Donald Rumsfeld on TWITTER. He put out a tweet on the Iraq War 10th anniv. (search for @RumsfeldOffice on Twitter, around March 19 and 20, 2013, some real charmers (his actual tweet below).

Damn, you'd think he was celebrating every death of an innocent, or that he'd devoted his life to killing them. Mental disorders aplenty. Really sad. Feckless and sad. 

The "offensive" Rumsfeld tweet:

How dare he!!!


- jR, aka AirFarceOne (follow me on Twitter!)