FILM THIN: Hollywood's Top Power Women Aren't Yet Excited about Hillary Clinton

MIA: Hollywood's Power Women for Hillary - Hollywood Reporter

Says one female executive (anonymous):
"Every woman I know who hasn't given to her feels guilty about it," says the industry dealmaker. "We all want a woman to be president — some of us just wish it were someone else."

Lara Bergthold, a campaign strategist at a group called RALLY, says:
The "fear factor" of the Republican field will drive donations from the notoriously liberal-leaning Hollywood. She says it is hard to imagine a Republican presidential candidate more likely to ignite anxiety in Hollywood than Donald Trump or Ted Cruz. 
"The stakes are so high given the candidates on the other side," she says. "They're scary."
Not asked in the article: ARE YOU WAITING TILL THE OUTCOME OF FBI INVESTIGATION INTO HER MISUSE OF SECRET COMMUNICATIONS? Err, not even likely many of them are aware of the facts behind the email investigation, nor do they want to accept it. They're elitists just like Hillary. They probably still suspect Benghazi was actually due to a crappy video from a whack-job pastor. Or, they just don't care about such distractions since they have no direct or apparent impact on their lives.

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Flint Water Crisis -- Snyder a scapegoat for mass failures

Via Reason, on Flint MI water crisis:

This Flint Lead Poisoning: The Anatomy of Government Failure - Hit 
"A dissection of the events... suggests that it isn’t government austerity that  is responsible for the debacle but the government itself. And at every level: local, state, federal, elected officials, administrative agencies, you name it..."
and this The Flint Water Crisis Is the Result of a Stimulus Project Gone Wrong

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Dude, it's like genocide or something! Flint water crisis brings out the worst and best in celebrity dullards

Thank you, music industry, for allowing such an idiot to prosper. It proves what focusing on specialized skills can do for a person. Too bad this idiot – P Diddy Combs or whatever he's calling himself this year – thinks his entertainment skills make him worthy to stand at the podium of social commentary. And fling turds from it.

Flint Michigan – run by Democrats since 1973 or something – only switched their water source from a Detroit water system to a local river in 2014. Problems ensued. The CITY water system and everyone else involved were slow in reacting to BLATANTLY obvious water issues. Like, the water was coming out of the tap brown. Not even beige – BROWN!

But it is not local elected officials' stupidity to blame, it is not horrible local managers, or even a failed environmental bureaucracies. It's RACISM.

More than that – it is not the fault of anyone... EXCEPT for the Republican governor. Who should be arrested.

I don't want to make bold assumptions, but I suspect this tragedy is being  used as a political tool. By idiots. For idiots.


P Diddums isn't the first to make the disgusting water problem about fostering feckless, heartless, brainless political divisiveness against a governor who had nothing to do with the decision to change sources of Flint's water. Piddle Dee Dumdum also won't be the last. 

Thankfully, the rapper-actor-producer-jerk is using his $$$ for good in the Flint situation, even if he cannot use his brains for it. 

See Breitbart for more on the happier side of the story


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