How confusing is it for entitled punks in #occupywallstreet, et al, with #capitalist Steve Jobs passing?

Had a thought: 

Just how disingenuous are things seeming today for the whining, Twitter-engaged, iPhone (and any other smart phone) user, entitled nerdlings in #occupywallstreet, et al, what with #capitalist Steve Jobs passing? Or, for those of us watching from the outside. But then, irony was never sensed greatly among spoiled Western brats, was it? 

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HateWatch: protecting you from Republicans and conservatives who want to cook, eat your babies

This is their HateWatch blog, which seems to be a constant thing, focused solely on "radical Right", which of course includes Palin, Bachmann, etc. 

So, for the SPLC, opposing what they consider the Tea Party "Patriots" (with or without the quotations) is a main effort of this civil and legal rights group. 

And why shouldn't it be? Because any activist opposing government overreach who isn't a leftist must be brewing with hate and a dark agenda. Obviously there is NO SUCH THING as as a radical Left group, or surely their blog would not solely focus on the "radical right" (as they see it, which is radical, or just in disagreement with their government-hugging agenda).


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