A florist is slammed by a Supreme Court. Lesson? If you disagree with modern liberalism, you better lie.

The Washington Supreme Court, progressive ideals, and the off-the-rails gay equality movement all demand dishonesty. Unless, that is, you agree with them at every turn. Or else.

Setting aside that I have thought that gay couples deserve familial rights for many years, Washington sets aside First Amendment rights (no, we're not talking even about hate speech or some dislike of gays here, but a religious idea about marriage) in the name of "equality" of marriage. The rainbow White House was stupid. This is shameful.

The courts have informed us, as with the recent bakery lawsuit that ensured that bakery would have to close down, that if you have any issue with servicing a gay marriage, you better lie about it. Why? If you're honest, as both the florist and the baker were to their longtime customers, about religious views that you believe direct you to not do work for gay marriages, no matter your business, then the law will embrace that with a rope and hang you. 

The following argument was rejected by the Wash. Supreme (from NY Times):
A lawyer for Ms. Stutzman, Kristen Waggoner, said the court had erred both in interpreting the law and in the specifics of the case. The same-sex couple were not refused service because they were gay, Ms. Waggoner said, but only turned away for a specific ceremony that Ms. Stutzman could not abide because of the dictates of her conscience. Voters in Washington approved a same-sex marriage law in 2012. 
Because a flower arrangement is an artistic expression, Ms. Waggoner said, the court effectively ruled that the state could regulate, with punitive government authority, what artists may sell. 
“All creative professional expression is at risk,” Ms. Waggoner said in a telephone call with reporters.
I reiterate that this florist, with no hateful intent, was honest about why she didn't want to prepare the flowers. And for that honesty, she paid the price.

This is not an orchestrated denial of services and threats, and vitriol. This is not lunch counters in Alabama in the 1960s. The irony, of course, is that the Wash. Supreme says that it is, in their decision.

Florist Discriminated Against Gay Couple, Washington Supreme Court Rules - The New York Times

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All you really need to know is "Comments are closed"

The open-minded leftist closes with "Comments are closed. Angry and entitled white people, be angry and entitled elsewhere."

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The Warthog will live on

I love the rugged A-10. 

And there's this, to point out to all those entitlement-loving Americans who think the US is the problem, not the solution, in world security: 
The fiscal 2017 budget more than quadruples funding for the European Reassurance Initiative, to $3.4 billion. “By the end of 2017, we will be able to rapidly field a highly capable combined-arms ground force” in Europe, Carter said.
Carter Touts ‘Arsenal Plane,’ Surrenders on A-10 | Defense content from Aviation Week

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FILM THIN: Hollywood's Top Power Women Aren't Yet Excited about Hillary Clinton

MIA: Hollywood's Power Women for Hillary - Hollywood Reporter

Says one female executive (anonymous):
"Every woman I know who hasn't given to her feels guilty about it," says the industry dealmaker. "We all want a woman to be president — some of us just wish it were someone else."

Lara Bergthold, a campaign strategist at a group called RALLY, says:
The "fear factor" of the Republican field will drive donations from the notoriously liberal-leaning Hollywood. She says it is hard to imagine a Republican presidential candidate more likely to ignite anxiety in Hollywood than Donald Trump or Ted Cruz. 
"The stakes are so high given the candidates on the other side," she says. "They're scary."
Not asked in the article: ARE YOU WAITING TILL THE OUTCOME OF FBI INVESTIGATION INTO HER MISUSE OF SECRET COMMUNICATIONS? Err, not even likely many of them are aware of the facts behind the email investigation, nor do they want to accept it. They're elitists just like Hillary. They probably still suspect Benghazi was actually due to a crappy video from a whack-job pastor. Or, they just don't care about such distractions since they have no direct or apparent impact on their lives.

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