Sen. Dodd's reelection bid embraces his, umm, success with banking

From the Political Hah! Dept.:

Chris Dodd’s Comeback Slogan: ‘Banking on Change’ - BrianFaughnan’s blog - RedState
So what’s Chris Dodd’s plan to save his lucrative government gig? Remind people of his spot on the Banking Committee [link to RollCall article]:
Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Conn.), facing increasingly difficult odds in 2010, is spending the two-week recess barnstorming his home state to try to improve his political standing…

The appearances are part of a series dubbed “Banking for Change,” meant to highlight Dodd’s work on consumer protection issues as chairman of the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee.
Seriously? [link to Dodd's site]
If Dodd manages to win this time around, having proven what a terribly self-interested boob he is -- and it appears that Conn. voters are even less cerebral than Mass. and West Va. voters (Ted, John Kerry, Barney, etc.) -- it shows just how much work that sincere, dignified conservatives and general non-cretins will have to get through to try to recover some sway in D.C. That is, to clarify, there is a lot of work to come for people who believe in simple things:
  • smaller government,
  • a balanced budget,
  • power to the actual people (not their elected king by proxy),
  • peace through strength,
  • America still is (stuck or blessed as) the leader of the free world and should act like it,
  • despising mistreatment of people here but giving passes for mistreatment of "groups" elsewhere is absurd
  • liberty, freedom and the pursuit of happiness don't equate with living in a welfare state
  • we have the biggest guns, and we don't prefer to use them, but we damn well will
So, cut to the chase: Get the pitchforks, effigies, tar, feathers, and torches ready. Just like the good old, pre-Revolutionary War, days.

- jR, aka AirFarceOne (Twitter)

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Jihad Council tells U.S.: Agree with us or you will have less friends! - Jihad Council warns U.S. to change Muslim policies
“The only version of democracy and international relations the U.S. accepts is the one that serves its own vested interests,” UJC spokesman Syed Sadaqat Hussain said in a Thursday statement. “Flouting all international norms, the U.S. is declaring India as the leader in this region, and is trying to weaken China on the one hand and Pakistan on the other by granting India regional supremacy.

"Examined carefully, the terrorism on which worldwide hysteria has been whipped up is not terrorism at all but a fight to protect one's rights, of which the U.S. double standards are the basic cause,” the UJC spokesman said.

“Resistance is bound to grow if the U.S. does not alter its current policy against Muslims, and it will have more enemies in the world than friends, which would not be in its interests,” he said.
They need to find better writers. Or get out of the cave more. Seriously. If we don't change our policy and do what, exactly? We are anti-muslim? Clearly, we are anti-terrorism, anti-extremist, anti-abuse (by Muslim extremists who cruelly use their youths, mostly, as human bombs). How are we creating a realm where India becomes the "leader in this region"? By not going out of our way to make things difficult for India?

Did the Patriots make threats to every other nation when they were trying to gain independence from Great Britain? Just wondering. How about Pakistan, back when it was cut up from part of the Indian subcontinent, essentially dividing the Muslims and the Hindu, governmentally (not exactly, and not cleanly by population).

Fairly sure the Patriots weren't pissing on France's shoes, or anyone else's, like this, back when this swath of North America was comprised of lowly colonial activists intent on being free from King George.

Warring based on a radical distortion of religion is the most dangerous of all. It was the ruin of Christianity in the Crusades, for instance, and it managed to survive through the abuses of power-lusting popes and ethically vacant kings. Take the mafia, add religious teachings, and you get jihadists. They seem awfully wonderful for people on the one count, but one the other hand... yeah?

Jihadists base their entire effort -- name word means "holy war", after all -- on the superiority of their faith over others. Why should anyone regard them? Because they excel at empty words and vicious abuse of their own troubled and angry youths, as human bombs? How many times does it need to be said: Show SOME genuine interest in living and letting live, and then get back to us.

- jR, aka AirFarceOne (Twitter)

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Mad-made disaster averted in UK, no thanks to politically correct mundaneness

Manchester, England was to be a hot spot for suicide bombings this Easter weekend. You know, because it's all the Christians' fault.

What a shameful and cruel path to lead one's flock -- to their deaths while killing innocents for... what? For an alleged 'cause' of some eerie image of a god.

No, Mr. Obama, these aren't what have been traditionally known, since the 1700s, as "terrorists", they are "man-made disaster" provocateurs. Thank you, liberal word-benders, for correcting us. Politically correcting us, that is. Gag.

Al-Qaeda terror plot to bomb Easter shoppers - Telegraph
Sources told The Daily Telegraph that the arrests of 12 men in the north west of England on Wednesday were linked to a suspected plan to launch a devastating attack this weekend.

Some of the suspects were watched by MI5 agents as they filmed themselves outside the Trafford Centre on the edge of Manchester, the Arndale Centre in the city centre, and the nearby St Ann's Square.

Police were forced to round up the alleged plotters after they were overheard discussing dates, understood to include the Easter bank holiday, one of the busiest shopping weekends of the year.

"It could have been the next few days and they were talking about 10 days at the outside," one source said. "We had to act." Police are now engaged in a search for an alleged bomb factory, where explosives might have been assembled.

If such a plot was carried out, it would almost certainly have been Britain's worst terrorist attack, with the potential to cause more deaths than the suicide attacks of July 7, 2005, when 52 people were murdered.
This was also forced as part of the reaction to this:
The country's most senior anti-terrorism officer, Assistant Commissioner Bob Quick, of the Metropolitan Police, was photographed going into Downing Street carrying a briefing paper with top secret details of Operation Pathway in full view.

Yesterday morning, Mr Quick resigned after he was told by the Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary, that he had lost her confidence and that of [UK intelligence agency] MI5.
One man arrested had been in the UK on a student visa, which is how the Sept. 11 culprits got in and stayed in the U.S.
The issue of student visas represents a potential security nightmare for the police and MI5. There are 330,000 foreign students in Britain and around 10,000 such visas are issued every year to Pakistanis alone.

Phil Woolas, the Immigration Minister, has described the student visa system as "the major loophole in Britain's border controls".
(Read the full story with link above.)

- jR, AirFarceOne (Twitter)

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