Obama omnivorous budget: CNBC goes contrary to evil sisters NBC News and MSNBC

Omnivorous, oops! In the headline I meant to say omnibus. Or maybe I didn't. We'll have to see just how much the Federal 2009 budget EATS away from our economic hope and change (spare change and otherwise) before I reach a conclusion.

CNBC, the business-minded and fun-loving sister of evil twins NBC News and MSNBC, offers this...

Obama Declares War on Investors, Entrepreneurs, Businesses, And More - Money and Politics Blog - CNBC.com
Let me be very clear on the economics of President Obama’s State of the Union speech and his budget.

He is declaring war on investors, entrepreneurs, small businesses, large corporations, and private-equity and venture-capital funds.

That is the meaning of his anti-growth tax-hike proposals, which make absolutely no sense at all — either for this recession or from the standpoint of expanding our economy’s long-run potential to grow.
What happened?!! Was that a bus that hit me, or just reality of living under a President Obama economic policy?

I hope all you voters are proud of yourselves, putting an unproven, professional candidate in charge of the end of capitalism as the driving force of the biggest economy on the planet.

At least, temporarily.

- jR

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Rush Hitler and Uncle Tom Steele are the latest characters from MSNBC guests

NewsBusters must be lying, because they are part of the Hitler squad Garofalo is talking about. But wait! They're using the people's own words.

Olbermann & Garofalo See ‘Self-Loathing’ ‘Black Guy’ Michael Steele, Limbaugh Compared to Hitler | NewsBusters.org
Garofalo: "any female or person of color in the Republican party is struggling with Stockholm Syndrome."
Even for Oblubberman's show, this is odd. There's not even any fake maturity to the opinions shared typically on the show. Perhaps he should offer all of his guests a stiff drink prior to going on. Might prove to make them funny to anyone who isn't as rabidly biased and tactlessly cynical as he.

Oh, ick. Just ick.

- jR

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Conn. poll puts Sen. Dodd on notice, boosts GOP governor's cache

I am at the right of center in my views generally, and definitely to the right in my fiscal thinking
-- that's part of who "jR" is, politically. Because of that, in case it appears I am picking on Democratic leaders, such as Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Frank, and Dodd all the time, that's not because I agree wholeheartedly with any Republican policy independent of my free thinking. It is also not because I think the Dem leaders are now, ever have been, or ALWAYS have been, evil, ignorant, shallow, or completely partisan. However, to be fair, perhaps Dem leaders' own voters ought to have sway in my opinions, just to help keep me "on track." If only just for fun.

Well, I am happy to say I agree with Connecticut citizens on one of the aforementioned leadership's ratings, while my personal view of him, as a longtime and ineffective national leader of late, would be lower. This guy is one of the bigshots in financial matters, and a man who received a very sweet deal from widely disparaged Countrywide, on a mortgage.

Connecticut's Rell Is Queen Of The Hill At Midterm, Poll Finds; Dodd Has Worst Approval Ever - Quinnipiac University
Halfway through her first elected term as Connecticut Governor and one week after a grim budget message, [Conn. governor] Jodi Rell has a 75 - 19 percent approval rating and tops any likely Democratic challenger by 21 to 40 points, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today.

Connecticut voters split 41 - 42 percent on whether they think Sen. Christopher Dodd is honest and trustworthy and disapprove 48 - 41 percent of the job he is doing, his first negative approval rating in a poll by the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pe-ack) University.

Even Democrats approve of their Republican Governor 67 - 26 percent, while Republicans approve 85 - 11 percent and independent voters approve 75 - 18 percent.
Imagine that: a poll that sugests an evil Republican -- a governor -- is steeply more popular than a longtime, and vocally anti-Bush and anti-conservative, member of the U.S. Senate. I wonder if someone is hiding some of those poll results?

Thanks to twittering of Matthew Gagnon for tipping me off on this one.

This has has inspired me to see what the other Democratic leaders are rated by their voters. It might be easy to forget, in all this current hubbub, but since 2006 when the Dems took over, Congress' ratings plummeted quickly below those of Prez GW Bush. Those ratings remain very low.

So it would be no surprise if all the majority leaders and their flying monkeys are suffering at home. (The reference to monkeys in the preceding sentence refers to the soldier beasts in the Wizard of Oz, and is not a profane comparison of black people to monkeys, but is a comparison of many congressional leaders' thinking to the limited complex logic skills of lower primates.*)

Lucky us! We have a pack of professional politicians who are liberals in charge after the quickest downturn in the economy (evidently quickest, though a long time coming, as far as mortgages) since the late 1970s - early 1980s. Boy, I hope they listen to the some actual businessmen and economists (assuming these types gain favor in economic policy over the social workers and other professional politicians among them).

- jR

* This parenthetical comment is a necessary while obvious explanation brought to you by the Rev. Al Sharpton's crass and pandering race-baiting over blatantly nonracial political cartoons.

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A little radio control comedy

(The "radio control" I am referring to is what certain liberal factions want to do with AM radio: control it's content.)

Today's broadcast brought to you by Equal Time Radio:

We don't understand free markets, we're just going to give the audience what we know they want.*

* What the audience wants is set, programmed equal time for opposing opinions as sanctioned by one side of the political spectrum. If advertisers won't sponsor the programming we define, we'll fund it with freshly printed dollars. After we buy the radio stations from the existing, free market owners, of course, since they'll be bankrupt since the regular audience abandons them for roughly half of every day.

- jR

Dumb butts win: Many who played by rules see unfairness in economic recovery tactics

Bailout lament: What about me? - The Boston Globe
"What about people like me who are playing by the rules, who got a mortgage we could afford?" said [Brian] Carpenter, 52, who programs building management systems for MIT Lincoln Laboratory. "Maybe I'm too old school, but you sign on the bottom line, and you're responsible for it."

Carpenter is among the vast majority of Americans who work, pay mort gages, borrow responsibly, and now find themselves facing the bill to bail out those who didn't. Over the years they lived within their means. Now they're asking: What for?

He sees the federal committing $1 trillion to bail out banks and struggling homeowners, and nearly $800 billion to offset economic damage caused by reckless lending and borrowing. What's in it for him?
Well, clearly, this "Carpenter" guy -- if that is his real name -- is part of the problem. He contributed to the reason why the global economy is in a slump. He probably voted for John McCain in Nov. 2008. No doubt, he supported GW Bush, the worst president this nation has ever had, ever. He was happy about that needless spending on Homeland Security, the Middle East empire-building, waterboarding a million innocent small boys with brown skin in Iraq and secret prisons all over the world, depriving everyone but Dick Cheney their civil rights. Surely, this self-thinking, self-responsible jerk thought all that war mongering was totally awesome! He's probably in that camp that is angry that more Iraqis haven't died!

Had "Carpenter" been like the regulators, the high-risk banks, the investment managers, hedge fund managers, mortgage companies, the Congressional financial leadership, FMA, FHA, subprime mortgage holders, etc., over the years, he wouldn't be in this spot! He'd be getting money, not losing it! If he played along maybe he'd be getting a piece of the pie!

I hope this stimulus teaches you, Mr. Carpenter! Your RESPONSIBILITY created the mess you're in. Maybe next time you'll go along with the greedy, self-centered, politically motivated, and irresponsible flow and stop being so rational about things! If you get more progressive, as defined by MoveOn.org, Think Progress, ACORN, ACLU, and the top Democratic congressional leadership, you wouldn't have such as hard time about having to think so much, you could just agree a lot, like all those satisfied subprime mortgage customers. After all, you're not important! You're just one man. Let others handle all the thinking for you next time. They know better -- bankers, politicians, secretaries of dead Nigerian government ministers who contact you by email. Trust them all and you'll feel better!

I hope this teaches ALL of you overly individualistic, self-thinking people who refuse to ignore basic logic and accept what others tell you what makes sense. I hope you will pay attention next time someone tells you that living beyond your means is the only way to live, that pop musicians and actors are the most logical people on earth, and we ought to have only one party in this country that runs things. I hope you will, now that you've been shown how dumb it is to be RESPONSIBLE, that you will listen when someone tells you something like "I'm your mortgage advisor, I'm only here to help you."

I mean, what fool wouldn't listen to advice based on government laws built on illogical economic reasoning and greedy financial dealings? What fool would ignore the fact that once you vote people into office, it is their God-given right to tell you what to do?

I just wish you RESPONSIBLE people would snap out of it and let the government tell you how to do everything! If you would just trust government -- and by government I mean Obama, Reid, and Pelosi and their flying monkeys, not those irritating governors or Republicans -- you would be so much more better off!

- jR

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Majority Whip Clyburn calls stubborn guvs racists for disliking stimulus

Michelle Malkin » Top Democrat accuses anti-stimulus GOP governors of…RAAAAACISM!
Well, Attorney General Eric Holder, here's your conversation about race: House Majority Whip James Clyburn of South Carolina is now accusing GOP governors who have fundamental misgivings about the trillion-dollar stimulus of opposing the law because they don’t like black people.

Who’s being divisive, Eric Holder? Who’s obsessed with race? Who needs to stop self-segregating and stop spreading race-based poison? Where’s the outrage? Clyburn earlier this year invoked plantation imagery to suggest that S.C. GOP Gov. Mark Sanford’s opposition to earmarks was based on RAAAACISM (another blog post by Malkin referring to black race-baiting leader, quote obtained from it below).
I cannot believe this comment from a high-placed national government leader. It is such a dumb claim, evidence of a mind enshrined in some bitter, unreal viewpoints, that I am stunned of its source. This man was appointed by his peers as a leader among leaders. His comments are more a judgment of his peers and his constituency on its own that I could ever improve on today. Not without a lot of acid pills. One would think this guy was on a school board or county council somewhere, at best. But no, James Clyburn is none other than the House Majority Whip!

Thanks, Majority Whip. You do justice to the title, though you're more polarizing than I might have imagined. Where do we get the criteria for leadership roles?!! One could say this guy is Trent Lott's reflective opposite, with this bizarre rhetoric! Only worse!! Will he step down? Does he have any HONOR? We will have to stay tuned!
“[H]e happens to be a millionaire,” Clyburn said of Sanford. “He may not need help for the plantation his family owns, but the people whose grandparents and great-grandparents worked those plantations need the help” in the form of federal money.
Wrongs were done. They cannot be forgotten. But it is always the case that weak minds offer far out or foul arguments. This is one of those. To inject slavery, racism, and plantation innuendo into this debate is about as high minded as a college course on Family Guy.

- jR

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Iran blocks the competition's Web sites: how insular and autocratic of them

This is the story as offered by AP, on the Fox News Web site:

FOXNews.com - Iran Blocks Web Sites Promoting Reformist Khatami
"[Moderate] Khatami declared on Feb. 8 he would run again for president, setting the stage for a major political showdown... between the popular reformist — who made dialog with the West a centerpiece of his eight years as president — and the country's ruling hard-liners.

"[Opposition Web sites] could not be accessed from inside Iran on Saturday, though they were viewable outside."

Among other things the "ready to talk" Iranian power-mongers have done in order to control their society:

Reformists have suffered setbacks in past years as hard-liners and conservatives have consolidated power. Hundreds of reformist newspapers have been shut down, and the Guardian Council barred thousands of reformist candidates from running in parliamentary elections in 2004 and 2008.

See the sites at http://www.yaarinews.com and http://www.yaari.ir. They are not in English, but Persian (or Farsi, I believe), mind you. The sites were set up last summer in anticipation of Khatami's candidacy.

- jR

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