Humor. Deal with it. Christians Complain Over 'SNL' Skit 'Djesus Uncrossed'

JCPenney, Sears Respond to Christian Complaints Over 'SNL' Skit 'Djesus Uncrossed'

Here's my take: this is not a mocking. It is a bit of cultural and religious humor. Tasteless and harmful to some, yes. I don't think Jesus is suffering for it. HE's bigger than all that, and my belief in him is much bigger than to be hurt by this skit.

Here's my beef: Jesus is bigger than a silly skit. And, Jesus coming back and taking no heat from anybody is awfully funny to me. I love him and his teachings, and this skit seems funny to me as described (I didn't see it).

'SNL' is a bunch of ants compared to Christianity. If they did this will ill intent, then they may get what they deserve.

I believe that God, and Jesus, can take care of themselves. It's us who have to get thicker skins about some dopey humor.

- jR, aka AirFarceOne (Twitter)

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House averts financial disaster!! Congress passes budget, err no, a damn 'funding measure'

House passes funding bill, Obama reaches out to Senate - REUTERS:

By a vote of 267-151, the House passed a measure to fund government programs up until the end of the fiscal year on September 30. The Democratic-controlled Senate is expected to pass a similar bill next week.

Without such legislation federal agencies would run out of money on March 27.

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It's NOT A BUDGET. Understand? NOT. A. BUDGET.

So, President Obama, when's your budget come out so it can receive NO VOTES from even your party again, you clumsy, hyper-political, campaigner-in-chief, big gov-loving, weak, lead from behind clod? Oh, sorry, I should respect you to respect the office. Oh wait, you have little respect for the office (aside from the gross, media-propped, power of manipulation it gives you, you Founding Fathers-despising statist).

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FemiSex, 2012 post: Trayvon Martin tragedy includes the misogynist cultural cues he learned


The killing of the black teen, Travon Martin, in Florida is very sad, both for the Hispanic male who shot the teen and the teen shot. Where the blame lies is not for this site to decide but for the authorities. That said, here is where we come in: Travon Martin, per his twitter tweets was one sad sack misogynist. Here are a few of his tweets (his handle is @no_limit_nigga) courtesty of the Daily Caller:

RT@x_highlyfavored: - fuck a bitch. any bitch. who you want? take yo pick, but you gone have to take yo time.
RT @fukunurhoexxx: #youthetype of bitch that give up your pussy for free and think its cool
RT @ReesyyLaTootieB: Hahaha Hoe u got USED fa yo loose ass pussy.! Tighten up.! #Literally

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We don't know if racism was what felled Travon, but surely sexism was his trade. He sounds like a modern day KKK for women as he blasts out horrific sexism to his followers.

Barack Hussein Obama came out and said: "If i had a son he'd look like Travon Martin."
Not really Barky, but he would most likey sound like him.

Sexism has been very very good to Mr. Obama and not once has he denounced sexism. The time he did speak up, (against Rush) it was to USE sexism to gain political points for himself. Time for a shower.


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