Belgian grenade-tosser, involved with illicit drugs and guns, kills three and himself

The pathetic killer in the strange, seemingly random, Belgian grenade attack that happened today is identified. He had no connection to terrorists, but was a known criminal who dealt in firearms.  

He is another punk who, whether he was mad, or lost and abused, or simply cruel, dragged others into his circle of misery rather than just leave quickly by his own hand. It's selfish. SELFISH. It is not something to find an excuse for, but to implore people, once again, to seek help or report on such foul beings as these. 

Why do such stinking sacks of flesh insist on wreaking pain on their way out? Was the misery they embraced and peddled not enough? Terrible. 

Like the recent Va. Tech killer who offed a policeman for... just being there, it seems, this European criminal simply wanted to spread some misery on his way out. Like so many who commit murder-suicides. Their ego might know humiliation, but knows nothing of real humility. 

The 33-year old Belgian punk chose to justify his own pathetic existence by leaving carnage and pain behind for families of several (likely random) victims. This was a selfish, horrific, vicious act. I do not care how desperate someone is, such acts are not excusable. The act of someone who didn't deserve a civilized existence. 

They are acts that reflect on one's circle, of family, friends, confidants, and more. The sooner people firm up and face the truth that even "nice" people are capable of evil or depraved acts, the better off we all will be.

In the States, you are bad news if you drive drunk, smoke, don't wear a seat belt. But having sex with underage children is hushed up. Rape is hushed up. Domestic abuse is still in the realm where women or men are ashamed of it. Awful creeps who haven't YET killed or severely harmed someone are not expected to be watched over like problem children, given so many chances, and then... Belgium happens. Or VT, or Sandusky, the Norwegian massacre, countless crimes, including murder-suicides by people with warrants, long records, restraining orders. 

Why don't we give more breaks to those who aren't in effect hurting others, as we do to criminals and "nice" people who do indecent things? 

We cannot stop all crimes, of course, but we have yet to try to change the expectations of judicial and societal systems where criminals are concerned. 

Police state, no. A state that favors the victims, and a society that tolerates victims, even when they are NOT PART OF A SPECIAL INTEREST GROUP, would be nice. 

The gunman, named as Nordine Amrani, 33, began his attack near a bus stop at Place Saint Lambert, a central shopping area and the site of the city's annual Christmas market and its main courthouse.

He ended by shooting himself in the head with a handgun, witnesses said.

- jR 

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