Rush Hitler and Uncle Tom Steele are the latest characters from MSNBC guests

NewsBusters must be lying, because they are part of the Hitler squad Garofalo is talking about. But wait! They're using the people's own words.

Olbermann & Garofalo See ‘Self-Loathing’ ‘Black Guy’ Michael Steele, Limbaugh Compared to Hitler |
Garofalo: "any female or person of color in the Republican party is struggling with Stockholm Syndrome."
Even for Oblubberman's show, this is odd. There's not even any fake maturity to the opinions shared typically on the show. Perhaps he should offer all of his guests a stiff drink prior to going on. Might prove to make them funny to anyone who isn't as rabidly biased and tactlessly cynical as he.

Oh, ick. Just ick.

- jR

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