Dumb butts win: Many who played by rules see unfairness in economic recovery tactics

Bailout lament: What about me? - The Boston Globe
"What about people like me who are playing by the rules, who got a mortgage we could afford?" said [Brian] Carpenter, 52, who programs building management systems for MIT Lincoln Laboratory. "Maybe I'm too old school, but you sign on the bottom line, and you're responsible for it."

Carpenter is among the vast majority of Americans who work, pay mort gages, borrow responsibly, and now find themselves facing the bill to bail out those who didn't. Over the years they lived within their means. Now they're asking: What for?

He sees the federal committing $1 trillion to bail out banks and struggling homeowners, and nearly $800 billion to offset economic damage caused by reckless lending and borrowing. What's in it for him?
Well, clearly, this "Carpenter" guy -- if that is his real name -- is part of the problem. He contributed to the reason why the global economy is in a slump. He probably voted for John McCain in Nov. 2008. No doubt, he supported GW Bush, the worst president this nation has ever had, ever. He was happy about that needless spending on Homeland Security, the Middle East empire-building, waterboarding a million innocent small boys with brown skin in Iraq and secret prisons all over the world, depriving everyone but Dick Cheney their civil rights. Surely, this self-thinking, self-responsible jerk thought all that war mongering was totally awesome! He's probably in that camp that is angry that more Iraqis haven't died!

Had "Carpenter" been like the regulators, the high-risk banks, the investment managers, hedge fund managers, mortgage companies, the Congressional financial leadership, FMA, FHA, subprime mortgage holders, etc., over the years, he wouldn't be in this spot! He'd be getting money, not losing it! If he played along maybe he'd be getting a piece of the pie!

I hope this stimulus teaches you, Mr. Carpenter! Your RESPONSIBILITY created the mess you're in. Maybe next time you'll go along with the greedy, self-centered, politically motivated, and irresponsible flow and stop being so rational about things! If you get more progressive, as defined by MoveOn.org, Think Progress, ACORN, ACLU, and the top Democratic congressional leadership, you wouldn't have such as hard time about having to think so much, you could just agree a lot, like all those satisfied subprime mortgage customers. After all, you're not important! You're just one man. Let others handle all the thinking for you next time. They know better -- bankers, politicians, secretaries of dead Nigerian government ministers who contact you by email. Trust them all and you'll feel better!

I hope this teaches ALL of you overly individualistic, self-thinking people who refuse to ignore basic logic and accept what others tell you what makes sense. I hope you will pay attention next time someone tells you that living beyond your means is the only way to live, that pop musicians and actors are the most logical people on earth, and we ought to have only one party in this country that runs things. I hope you will, now that you've been shown how dumb it is to be RESPONSIBLE, that you will listen when someone tells you something like "I'm your mortgage advisor, I'm only here to help you."

I mean, what fool wouldn't listen to advice based on government laws built on illogical economic reasoning and greedy financial dealings? What fool would ignore the fact that once you vote people into office, it is their God-given right to tell you what to do?

I just wish you RESPONSIBLE people would snap out of it and let the government tell you how to do everything! If you would just trust government -- and by government I mean Obama, Reid, and Pelosi and their flying monkeys, not those irritating governors or Republicans -- you would be so much more better off!

- jR

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