Conn. poll puts Sen. Dodd on notice, boosts GOP governor's cache

I am at the right of center in my views generally, and definitely to the right in my fiscal thinking
-- that's part of who "jR" is, politically. Because of that, in case it appears I am picking on Democratic leaders, such as Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Frank, and Dodd all the time, that's not because I agree wholeheartedly with any Republican policy independent of my free thinking. It is also not because I think the Dem leaders are now, ever have been, or ALWAYS have been, evil, ignorant, shallow, or completely partisan. However, to be fair, perhaps Dem leaders' own voters ought to have sway in my opinions, just to help keep me "on track." If only just for fun.

Well, I am happy to say I agree with Connecticut citizens on one of the aforementioned leadership's ratings, while my personal view of him, as a longtime and ineffective national leader of late, would be lower. This guy is one of the bigshots in financial matters, and a man who received a very sweet deal from widely disparaged Countrywide, on a mortgage.

Connecticut's Rell Is Queen Of The Hill At Midterm, Poll Finds; Dodd Has Worst Approval Ever - Quinnipiac University
Halfway through her first elected term as Connecticut Governor and one week after a grim budget message, [Conn. governor] Jodi Rell has a 75 - 19 percent approval rating and tops any likely Democratic challenger by 21 to 40 points, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today.

Connecticut voters split 41 - 42 percent on whether they think Sen. Christopher Dodd is honest and trustworthy and disapprove 48 - 41 percent of the job he is doing, his first negative approval rating in a poll by the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pe-ack) University.

Even Democrats approve of their Republican Governor 67 - 26 percent, while Republicans approve 85 - 11 percent and independent voters approve 75 - 18 percent.
Imagine that: a poll that sugests an evil Republican -- a governor -- is steeply more popular than a longtime, and vocally anti-Bush and anti-conservative, member of the U.S. Senate. I wonder if someone is hiding some of those poll results?

Thanks to twittering of Matthew Gagnon for tipping me off on this one.

This has has inspired me to see what the other Democratic leaders are rated by their voters. It might be easy to forget, in all this current hubbub, but since 2006 when the Dems took over, Congress' ratings plummeted quickly below those of Prez GW Bush. Those ratings remain very low.

So it would be no surprise if all the majority leaders and their flying monkeys are suffering at home. (The reference to monkeys in the preceding sentence refers to the soldier beasts in the Wizard of Oz, and is not a profane comparison of black people to monkeys, but is a comparison of many congressional leaders' thinking to the limited complex logic skills of lower primates.*)

Lucky us! We have a pack of professional politicians who are liberals in charge after the quickest downturn in the economy (evidently quickest, though a long time coming, as far as mortgages) since the late 1970s - early 1980s. Boy, I hope they listen to the some actual businessmen and economists (assuming these types gain favor in economic policy over the social workers and other professional politicians among them).

- jR

* This parenthetical comment is a necessary while obvious explanation brought to you by the Rev. Al Sharpton's crass and pandering race-baiting over blatantly nonracial political cartoons.

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