Rural towns, an armored tour bus and its indefensible occupant

Does anyone see the irony to President Obama taking a $1.1 mil armored bus -- and convoy -- on a tour of rural communities? I KNOW the stark contrast of a shiny black tour bus and the weary barns and some struggling inhabitants along rural roads must make for a real obscene picture of out-of-touchedness, doesn't it? ABC? NBC? MSNBC? CBS? CurrentTV? Logo? No? Oh, that's right, we're relating a story about a liberal Democrat, not a Republican actually working a primary campaign at the moment. Do ya think an armored pickup truck would have been better? Or an old-fashioned steam engine whistle stop tour? No, not for the Campaigner-in-Chief. He deserves a new, heavily customized, armored, rock band arena tour bus. And the trip to be funded by the tax dollars of the adoring concertgoers - uh, citizens. What's more, this "Dark Times Tour" cavalcade is clearly a 2012 campaign tour. How can it not be? There is only 15 months to go before the election! Enough of this laser-focus on the economy and job creation! It's change-you-can-believe-in-part-2 time! Was there a month where Mr. Obama wasn't campaigning? I don't think he ever actually stopped campaigning. He got the wrong job. He should have been the DNC chairman, not president. That job would suit him. That, or being the figurehead president of chairman of a behemoth corporation, with his easy smile (easier bloodshot eyes) and ability to make an Enron-style confidence scheme look brilliant.
- jR

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