Moral Liberal: No Crisis With a Steel Cross at Ground Zero

Funny, I thought atheists didn't believe in any god. This makes me think that they themselves are simply unbelievable for anyone else. So, which is it? 

From a site called the Moral Liberal (tip: it's classical liberal, not the American nut-job lefty loon type of so-called liberal which actually seem to be statist utopianists or statist socialists).

Americans Get It - No Constitutional Crisis With Cross at Ground Zero

...We’ve explained the unbelievable arguments put forth in the lawsuit by American Atheists – a lawsuit that charges that their plaintiffs are experiencing “depression, headaches, anxiety, and mental pain and anguish” – not from the devastating destruction of life caused by the terrorists on 9/11 – but as a “direct and proximate result of the unconstitutional existence of the cross.”

-- Noooo kidding.  

That is not pathetic, crazy, or hilarious, though. The rest of us must respect their right to not believe in anything. Anything they could believe in would make any sense at all, if this is their idea of a reasonable civil suit. Thoroughly unbelievable.

- jR

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