Slumber: it's the new purpose-driven existence! #OWS #fail

A Washington Post headline that bounced to the top of the crop on Google News: "Postponement of NYC park cleanup heartens protesters, who say it buoys their cause."

They prevent the cleanup of a park they've kinda been trashing for four weeks, confront police, and this is a victory for their cause. 

So, let me get this straight: according to popular media (the mainstream media, SMS, whatever) the Tea Party went wrong by not attacking public parks with their butts. Being angry about a government gone giant-size, attacking the system with views of America's political legacy of limited federal government control, is where the Tea Party failed. They should have attacked ONLY the Wall Street banks (which they did, based on principles of taxation and cronyism, attack, but nobody wants to bring that up on the left)?  

That's sooo pathetic. 

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