Adbusters: socialism's apparent instigator of #OWS U.S. arrests, European riots

I wrote the other day that Reuters found that Adbusters, a Canadian anti-capitalist organization with ties to George Soros, had inspired and encouraged the public displays of whining that began as Occupy Wall Street on this little blog.

Kudos to Reuters for looking into the source of the Occupy movement. I think this smelly, drug-addled, street-blocking, business-hating madness is going to get more people hurt across the world and the greedy, power-hungry billionaire out there are going to be watching it from well-secured mansions.

Yet, there is no big story concerned that this little group of Marxists in Canada are allegedly behind this, their Western fashion of the so-called Arab Spring (which is not all it's springed up to be). 

Why isn't the MSM, or even Fox News and the blogosphere shouting about them? (I wonder what Alex Jones -- "Mr. Conspiracy Theories" -- thinks?)

What is Adbusters? Well, they're easy to find. They have a very active and savvy Web site which includes plenty of #OWS activity and partner sites:

Apparently, all of the work on their site was created with free software, developed by people who will only barter, on servers purchased with bartered deals. Oh, but let's be realistic: in order to bring down a system that's spoiled so many, including your ignorant job-having friends, you must cut corners somewhere. Money must be used until Utopia can be achieved!

Funny, but since I am not a DRONE that follows these Marxist socialist fascist dreamers, I already have been doing something for YEARS that they turned into a, uhh, movement or something: Buy Nothing Day. When is it? It's Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. In the U.S. - oh, excuse me, in "North America". 

Have a look at what kind of activism that is inspiring, apparently, to the economically stupid and those incapable of individual thought or responsibility

I'd think Adbusters were hilarious if it weren't for the inspired students and -- most hilarious -- full-grown adults who are doing exactly what they suggest. Have you seen the videos of these Occupy events? Nutters!

Adbusters say they are anti-consumerist. Well, so what? On many days, so am I!

The difference between anyone like me -- who isn't a fan of a wildly consumer-driven society lacking in strong, grounding traditions and activities -- and these people, is these people don't grasp the subtely of "go" and "floor it". I don't include in my economic philosophy ideas such as purchasing things is bad. (Is it just how I think, or not?

This anti-consumerism opens the door WIDE OPEN to numbskulls robbing stuff because they don't believe in consumerism. Purchasing things like an idiot is bad, not existing in an economic model where goods and services are traded for money (or bartering, etc.). 

I am one who VALUES being an INDIVIDUAL, with all my shortcomings, even. Purchasing regrets I have. I am not, however, interested in relating to blowhard socialists -- that's what these creeps are -- telling me to demonize the consumerism that wreaks havoc on the lives of the complacent poor (most of all, the poor, because if you don't got it, you shouldn't spend it on CRAP). Their other argument, of course, is that the consumerist system exclusively vaunts the greedy to positions of wealth and power. I guess I have to point out that this is a misinformed view, since just as no ethnicity or city or country is all bad, neither is any income class. I know jerks in all classes of income. I probably even dislike wealthy jerks more, but what's that? That's not a reason to prompt a riot!

They can't just be all Dave Ramsey about their spending. They cannot simply avoid the trap of mindless consumerism by listening to grandmotherly advice (as Ramsey offers -- ask him), they have to claim the problem as their own, call it a terrible threat, go to great lengths to attend time-wasting, drone-leading-drone sit-ins and face arrest, and even riots (in Rome, so far), then proclaim: We have saved the world from themselves! Again!!

I have a request: you Adbusters-following, #OWS joining, park-sleeping, public-pooping, finger flickering, repeating-after-me-ing sheep (YouTube video from Occupy Atlanta) open your minds for REAL. First, listen to Dave Ramsey -- or any money-matters personalities out there -- and see where that takes you. It'll not draw you into the street, that's for sure, except to go find a job or two and bust a hump to make something of yourself.

Because I got news for you: capitalism works a lot better than socialism. If the U.S.A. went socialist, what would all those socialist countries that depend on us DO?!  


- J Ruse

aka @AirFarceOne


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