Postcards from the Wedge -- "Fwd: Getting to Charlotte"

The White House is "getting to Charlotte" and everyone who agrees with their policies is invited! What's more, everyone in the convention hall will MEET THE PRESIDENT! From the Obama 2012 campaign::
In Denver, in 2008, "we were nominating a candidate who reflects our hopes and our core values -- someone who's looking out for all Americans, not just those with the most money or the most power..."

As that quote shows, the Obama 2012 squad is hard at work while our president does federal government and "leader of the free world" stuff. Only recently, President Barack Obama did more of that working over of America when he lied, at a mic while making a statement at the White House, that he had met a jobless teacher from Boston. He didn't. It was a perfectly needless, self-ingratiating lie used to put lipstick on this pig: a clumsy, class president campaign-type comment to the effect of "it would be nice to have a budget to fund that guy a teaching job, wouldn't it?"

It would be terrific, Mr. President, truly. If there is money for it and an actual budget (a speech doesn't count!!) to do that and lots of other really neato stuff it would be jump-for-joy nutty good to do. But we're still arguing about where trials for terrorists ought to be, in some corners, thanks to your Admin's totally off-the-path policy priorities. What's the big deal about his little lie? It's one of many, for starters. This one: Obama blossomed the fact that he was in the general vicinity of a Boston teacher, claimed having "had the honor of meeting" the teacher (who may actually have a job, were now being told!), to make a really, really lame point. Obama was in the White House garden, lying for no good reason, and adding that we should get that teacher back into a classroom teaching some children.

The teacher complained that he had been laid off three times because of budget cuts or something bureaucratic and impersonal. Well, Obama knows impersonal! He said he met the teacher without sharing a word with him, from about five or six arm-lengths away at best. What an amazing man! Obama can even meet people without them realizing it until Obama tells the media about it! Here's more of that magical Obama power, as Juliana Smoot tells the fawning masses in a campaign email "Getting to Charlotte" (where the 2012 DNC Convention will be):

"I watched him [Obama] accept the Democratic nomination for the Presidency of the United States in Denver.

It was a powerful moment for a lot of reasons, but for many of us who were there, the point was driven home: It was so important that we were nominating a candidate who reflects our hopes and our core values -- someone who's looking out for all Americans, not just those with the most money or the most power."


Unlike those evil, racist, bigoted Tea Partiers, Republicans and zombie brain-eaters from Hell who have conservative economic and Constitutional views, the president cares about you! Just ask his buddy the CEO of GE! Yes, President Obama, one-term president, blamer-in-chief, supporter of the basic socialist-communist concept of "redistribution of wealth," is looking out for YOU! Isn't that nice? He is literally thinking about you right NOW, while having a cold milk with Santa -- it's a dairy summit. All hail the chief! Like your mom, your big brother (if he is cool), hall monitors, the camp counselor who pats your back a bit too long and slowly, an imaginary giant white rabbit, or the railings that your captor put on your bed sides, Obama is there for you. How is he showing it? Did you know that Obama never goes to sleep without first looking at a list of all of America's unemployed and underemployed. Of course, he reviews any deals for his illegal immigrant uncle (the drunk driver who drives for a living) or undocumented aunt in New England, or whichever relative will next stumble out into the light and be a terrible eyesore for a mostly in-the-tank press. He, obviously, caps off his night reading with the latest of his Department of Justice's emails regarding the failed sting, the cartel gun-running "Fast and Furious" fiasco nobody knew about till the week the story broke the MSM noise barrier (that was August, or July, some time, though some have been reporting on it since 2009). Oh now look at me, exaggerating: Obama does none of those things. But like the Boston teacher was, those issues are milling around him, so, therefore, he is right on top of them all, "dealing" with them like the big world leader that he is so clearly learning to be.

It's not important that Obama is much better at inventing stories of how he is dealing with such issues than how he is ACTUALLY dealing with them. That's what Congress is for: actually handling the issues. The White House doesn't have to deal with that, they just have to look... presidential-ish. But Pelosi had to stop being Speaker and that is when things got all messed up; they were going so well those first two years! There was the pledge to close Gitmo, to end the two wars, inspire love and respect for America from all the Islamic nations, hold the jobless rate to 8% or less, create 300,000 jobs a month, to name a few. All those successes! Well, possibilities, at least. The evil GOP had to get in the way and win those 2010 elections and prevent this from becoming a one-party nation like some nutty far left Democrats had been hoping for.

The White House and drips such as former Speaker Pelosi are "Getting to Charlotte" -- and whole lot of other communities, and not in a good way. I hope the amateur leaders (but professional campaigners) can hold themselves back when they lose the WH in 2012, and step down with the same impersonal grace with which Obama told of his fake discussion with an unemployed (employed?) Boston teacher in early October. Only 13 months to go. Best of luck, non-leftists, I am pulling for you to take the White House, and hold the House!! Perhaps non-leftists can even take a majority in the Senate. Thirteen months is a long time to watch amateurs run a country, after all.
- jR

"Postcards from the Wedge" - posts about the wedge that the White House drives between itself and the inconvenient facts of their clear failures. In the process, they put a wedge between Americans. We cannot let thoroughly self-centered politicians ruin this nation. (Ex: the sheep in their flock and informed Americans who like America better than they do redecorated socialist economic goals of redistribution that are peddled by the left.)

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