The #Occupy originals say: declare victory. Now go live w parents till spring

Adbusters, a proud anti-capitalist group, was the root. There was no grass, not really. Adbusters, based in Vancouver, Canada, are the mindspring of the Occupy movements we now know so well. If only by smell. 

Despite what your mainstream media and a variety of pundits and political leaders of the left -- and not so left -- have been saying, remember Adbusters any time someone attempts to suggest that the Occupy movement is akin to the Tea Party movement. There is little honest, proactive, or forward-looking about Occupy, and it is certainly not a movement that happened in some individualistic manner. 

Thanks to the bias and hypocrisy of those who are supposed to be reporting the news, not spinning it steeply in a direction they desire, remember that the Occupy Wall Street movement is NOT
1. grass roots
2. of humble beginnings
3. conceptually disorganized (it is functionally a damned mess, but the concept is, to put it softly premeditated)
4. social activism (socialist maybe)
5. informed masses
6. democratic
7. embracing the foundation of American ideals
8. embracing change purely for good, not for self (selves)
9. leaderless in any way
10. rejected by mainstream Democrats
11. covered by media with the same demeanor as the Tea Party
12. covered by media with the same demeanor as any other blatant-agitator vagrancy

While some participants may be all of those things, wake up. Have a look. These are not grass roots types. they aren't even grass seed types. Some are, yes. And they got lost in the madness of so-called "perfect democracy". That is, a system where everyone has a say in virtually everything. Remember any videos of droning groups and votes on everything anyone suggested? Yeah, so democratic it's brainless. I imagine there were even votes on whether they should vote on something -- the ultimate leftist-socialist-We are Borg activist circle-jerk, this was. 

Did this bunch of droning, loitering, bonehead know-nothings look like mainstream America -- even mainstream fringe of America -- to you?  I hope not. You do realize some people quite their jobs to be involved in this thing, right? Right?!

From the NY Daily News: 

Adbusters, the Occupy Wall Street innovator, says movement should wind down and start up in spring

"the original godfather of Occupy Wall Street - a Canadian anti-capitalist group..."

Remember Adbusters. They're the activist group version of the broad leftist agenda of crass class warfare - for taking power, not for balance of power, IMO. 
These types gain sway any time economic trouble brews and weak minds are seeking an outlet. 

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