"O" becomes Zero: Will Obama be picked up for season 5?

He's our first true celebrity president: I don't mean he's the first noteworthy one, of course, but the first one to be elected mostly on celebrity. He was nearly a created character for a TV show, composed of stories and lacking in facts and a leadership record to refer to; unproven as an executive; liked mostly because he's likable (by some, or in some ways, at least); made interesting by only tall tales, a diverse lineage and colorful anecdotes; and talented at talking talking talking talking ... and campaigning. And like a show known for its cliffhangers, he present plans, but as if the episode ended on his bold statements, he never gets to the part where he presents the plan IN WRITING. Of course, he and his cronies do manage to attack the foes' plans, which are in writing. 

None of "Zero"-bama's goals from his campaign actually have been accomplished, only certain goals of government have been accomplished. He did move to close Guantanamo, naively try to hold terrorist trials in NYC, ban Fox News from interviews with WH, lie about his former church leader's crazy talk, lie about his affiliations to domestic terrorist Ayers. Well, he did force a massive, government-intense "health care reform" bill through with his equally out-of-touch liberal leaders of the House and Senate, claim the border wall is almost complete, ... you get the idea. These aren't mere throw-aways or theories, not conspiracy theories about Sept. 11 involvements or how his family buddies up with terrorists, not that he's secretly a Muslim extremist, nor that he was born in another country. These are actual actions and statements by the new Zero. 

It's lie and evade, duck and cover, say what your plan will be but don't actually give out the plan in writing. "Zero"-bama is still trying to vote present, three years into his presidency. He's still the amateur he entered the White House as. He's only gotten crankier.

He chose a VP who is far more embarrassing than that other beloved goofball, Dan Quayle (Biden famously claimed "300,000 jobs" a month to be created. Remember that? Do I need to list more of his notable gaffe's?), and other stunning mistakes that an amateur would commit. 

The take-away here is that no matter how you try to decorate the windows: "This is how great nations fail. They put small men in big jobs." that was the closing sentence in a letter to the editor to the Scripps newspapers of Florida -- the Treasure Coast group found at http://TCPalm.com -- recently. That sums it up well! 

Obama has not quite accomplishing nothing, however... he seeks to limit the military and has historically attacked the intelligence agencies, en masse, since before being elected. He had on many occasions said one thing as a senator, and in the White House demanded another. He is also an expert at -- or gets help -- accosting his political foes for having the same views now that he held as a senator. 

Obama is today suffering from a common problem for politicians -- and trouble-making teenagers -- having a public record. Let the voters learn that it's better to not like a few things from a person's record than to not know much of anything about a person's record except that they hide it from the public for as long as possible. And that is our current president, in all his self-centered, propped up, narcissistic glory.

Yeah, that's not a successful leader, actually. That's a leader who was mistakenly propped up to lead, who we all can now see is no leader. 

- jR

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