Return of the Jughead: Florida's Alan Grayson comes around again. Crap.

I can only call this: Return of the Jughead.

The great Florida embarrassment Alan Grayson is touting his posture during his crass two years in Congress, representing part of the Orlando area:

Politifact reviews a recent message to his, uh, fans: 

... But did he also make a false claim? Of all his figures, his statement that the United States sent $360 million "straight to the Taliban" was the most striking.
It didn't take long to turn up what he was talking about.
Grayson was referencing an Aug. 16, 2011, story by the Associated Press that preceded the commission's in-depth report. The AP reported that an investigation by a military task force found that $360 million in taxpayer money meant to strengthen Afghanistan's economy ended up going to "the Taliban, criminals and power brokers with ties to both."

Well, he's not wrong. Yippee. So he's not completely out of his nut. 

But he sure isn't easy to tolerate when he's more full of, uhh, hateful "rhetoric", than credible content. And he's better at making the news with one than the other. 

- jR

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