JIM CROW Laws and Hangings - Again!? Allen West threatens to reconsider his membership in Black Caucus

What is a perfect example of what is deeply wrong with American leadership? Indiana Democratic Rep. Andre Carson. He inspires irrational fear and hatred: that is one way to divide, and win elections. Not just any fear, but fear of violence and dark images from shameful times in history, to inspire hatred. 

The Congressional Black Caucus effectively agrees with "hanging from trees" comment about Tea Party movement, made by this shell of a man. Because the CBC wouldn't condemn Carson's very divisive comments, Florida Republican Allen West said he was considering getting out of that caucus. 

This guy Carson ought to be hanging himself, politically, but instead it appears he's allowed to inspire and fuel illegitimate hatred toward a grass roots movement that chiefly opposes big government since he's a liberal, a racial minority, and thus a favorite to the liberal MSM. 

Shame. Totally predictable, but a shame. The PC cowards in the mass media, from my viewing this morning, barely stepped near the outrageous part of this story: Carson's comparing Tea Partiers to Jim Crow law supporters who want to hang black men. And throughout the day this spite-stricken race-baiter didn't really get any serious sway online, outside of venues that were conservative. 

Don't think that this is just him running at the mouth about the GOP bringing back Jim Crow laws: it's filthy politicking that was used by the DNC's chair, Florida's Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, about a month ago. Something she never backed off of, that I saw. 

Welcome to the Democratic Party of the 21st Century. 
If you can't win with even the vaguest use of reason, then make your enemies out to be racists, bigots, simpletons, extremist religious zealots, or worse -- wanton killers (hangings, gun-toters, mobs, extremists, etc.). Make it easy on yourself, attack your foes without shame, don't permit them to come off as even human, if you can manage it. Because you're a liberal, the assumption is that you are open-minded, even though your words show something closer to spite, not for despicable actions, but merely those who disagree with you. There's a theme of that... you've seen it. 
What is wrong with American leadership? Indiana Democratic Rep. Andre Carson is the big example from recorded events that aired today. Who will it be tomorrow, or over the weekend? 

Enjoy, it's going to be happening all through the 2012 cycle. 

Try not to let it upset you much, just get you to be more determined to get the country to back away from this craziness. Don't get too uptight over it, because people are ruined by hatred and anger. A leader would inspire people to be concerned about issues, not fear a return to Jim F-ing Crowe laws. 

Let overbearing, spastic, fuming hatred be the failure of those who disagree with you, if they gave to be that way. Let hate sting the politicians who encourage the hot, blind dislike of people who simply hold differing views, don't let it be yours. 

You be the rational ones. And enjoy reducing their hate speech to buffoonery and exploitation of their fans. Hopefully, enough will step back from such mad-chattering jerks and lean more toward something that holds reason. 

CBC brushes Allen West’s threat to reconsider his membership aside 
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