WHITEY ALERT! Another racist Midwestern politico opposes Obama's aviation money grab! Oh, wait...

Wichita mayor joins opposition to Obama's proposed aviation taxes
WICHITA, Kansas -- Wichita Mayor Carl Brewer has joined 77 other mayors in 44 states in a letter of opposition to the aviation tax increases proposed by President Barrack Obama.
During a Tuesday morning press conference with aviation reporters from national and local publications, Mayor Brewer questioned the logic of various revenue measures which target general aviation.
"I'm struggling to try to understand why the President is doing this," Mayor Brewer said. "I cringe each and every time those comments are made."
This racially driven, cruelly capitalist, extremely business-oriented, clearly big-industry-owned mayor of a large Midwestern city has been the topic of rumors that he is of African descent. Of course, this is ridiculous, because he would not be elected as a mayor of a large city in one of the whitest, church-loving Midwestern states in the union if he really were Black. 

If you want to see the shameless lie of a photo of Brewer that accompanies the whole article, click here to visit KSN.com

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