More 'Happy Face Fascism': Obama's latest rat squad: 'Attack Watch'


In between campaign efforts to draw small donations by offering a dinner with Obama for randomly selected supporters, Team Obama launched a busy-body snitch site, as it had in 2008. The new rat squad home page is It seems that the dinner-with-Obama effort has been pelting folks with an email every day for at least a week. It's because September 30 is a deadline, they say. Good to know. That probably doesn't mean the emails will stop, though. (Wow! What I do to stay informed....)

The Attack Watch link rolls Web surfers to the campaign domain, an all-black page with scant content, encouraging people to report lies that make Obama look bad, or just don't get the facts omitted quite they way he'd like them to be. 

It is a site for Obama supporters, of course, so that assumes many are the same people who have called the Tea Party movement a pack of racists since the beginning. So, lies might amount to just about anything said against Obama and his policies, right, wrong or simply viewed with thinking that isn't stuck in the far left mindset. 

Along with his supposed jobs plan, which seems to functionally favor giant corporations and penalize small biz people by going after the more successful ones' personal income, this rat squad thing is a further descent into what I call "Happy Face Fascism"

"Zero"-bama is no Mussolini (search), certainly, but it seems very clear that he is at heart an academician, a man who lives on theories and words rather than effort and actions, who: 

  • was not a tested leader until January 2009
  • campaigns all the time
  • coaches from the bench
  • leads by blaming and false flagging
  • says he has a plan/budget/bill and RARELY produced any from his office 

This all has an air of pushing a cult of personality, a fascistic one-sidedness, and not a positive "hope and change" promise. Not mere politics, but overt divisiveness. I am not encouraged by this continued "I" and "me" focus of the reelection campaign.  

It took too long for him to focus on jobs, truly, yet he had the nerve to claim, in September, that no one else had been focusing on them. How could anyone? Too busy keeping terrorists out of NYC courtrooms, trying to get a handle on a 2,500-page health "reform" bill, etc. Obama has "refocused" on job creation how many times since 2009? Must be at least three times, and I suspect it is more. 

I DON'T BUY INTO HIS HYPE. I am troubled by ANYONE who continues to. His people have to blow smoke in public, or they would have to quit. Anyone else, it's just troubling. 

Don't be guilted into sympathizing with this clumsy leader, and don't let anyone you know feel it's a bad thing to disagree with our first Black president. Because he is more than that: he IS OUR PRESIDENT. 

He wanted the job, then didn't do the job. HE DIDN'T DO THE JOB. He's to blame, not Americans, not Bush, not even Congress -- both sides -- not all blame or even most can go onto the GOP. 

Yes, "the anointed one" -- as Sean Hannity calls him --  wanted the job, then didn't do things in any practical order. Jobs first? No! Gitmo closing was his 1st priority. Second was his forgotten Cairo speech. How did those two moves work out for him, or you and me?

When came jobs? The initial stimulus was either a failure, or it was not far enough. Either way, it was a bad try. Tragic not for Obama but for lots of citizens. And then the White House and its pals could not seem to get out of the way for anything. "Corporate jet owners" became one of the Most Wanted, it seemed from the rhetoric. 

We cannot allow this self-centered, smooth-talking master campaigner to hold the White House for another term. All hope was that this aggressive young president would rise to occasion. He did, but he was dancing to the wrong music. 

Obama is simply not good for America. He might be suitable to vote "present" somewhere, like he had in the Illinois State Senate, but in the big-boy world of Washington, D.C., he just can't handle. He's got a record now, and now we ought to know what happens when you DON'T elect someone based on some sort of legitimate, clear, open record. Bad leadership happens.

He won in 2008 by a small but decisive margin, and America has had a president who wasn't White. For that, he will go down in history. I am eager to see another Black man move into that role, or a woman, or Hispanic/Latino, but preferably one who isn't full of ideological assumptions that cannot pan out in a free country. But one who isn't running -- shamelessly, at times -- on their ethnic background or sex.

I'd like to see the United States have a leader who isn't part of the pigeon-holing politics (as in, label-obsessed) of the far left liberal elitist masters of the Democratic Party. Obama has shown, short of a few examples, that he is incapable of veering toward the center. Sadly, he also appears to be incapable of submitting a serious budget to Congress (his last one famously failed in the Senate, 97 to 0 in May 2011). isn't the kind of activism that bring people to a table to share, it cultivates divisiveness. So... NEXT! 

[Image: An home screen view (Sept. 2011)]

- jR

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