Obama canvassing suggests socialism is the hope he offers

As I noted in another post tonight, I am doing keyword searches for Obama information. Someone so new to the national stage can be a good thing, sure; it is a fool who thinks he could not JUST AS EASILY be a disaster on many fronts. This is not American Idol he's auditioning for in stump speeches all over the country.

Eerily, I quickly stumbled across the following highly obscure post using these words: Obama, reliable, George Soros. (Soros is amazingly wealthy, a renowned liberal and clearly a supporter of Obama, and the Dems in general.) These are not right wing conspiracy terms.

In light of this campaigner's stupid arrogance, and the zealous lawbreaking of ACORN, etc., I am a bit concerned that Obama is far from being a black American candidate, but a leftist autocrat candidate. His bluster nearly matches this campaigner's, told of in this fresh blog of a fifty-something conservative.

Vans-15: USSA
This young man was canvassing our neighborhood about 3:30 PM when he knocked on our door, and when my wife and son answered, he proceeded to ask them to support Senator Obama's candidacy. When my wife told him that we are registered Republicans and that we intend to vote for Senator McCain, the young man retorted that "we're headed for socialism" and refused to obey my wife's instructions to leave immediately. After my wife called for me and I repeated her order to leave, the young man continued to hover on our front walk and stated that "we're headed for socialism" twice more in a triumphant tone of voice before finally moving on....

This incident gets under my skin for a couple of reasons. First, the kid wouldn't shove off when we told him to do so, as if defying us would convince us to change our minds and support his candidate: Liberals have a problem with private property, after all.

The door-knocker who was so enthusiastic for Obama yesterday was guilty of being young - ignorant, inexperienced, more energy than sense. But the candidate he represents has given him a rather evil hope, that we can be transformed into the United Socialist States of America, and I will resist that hope with all the strength I can muster.
This is troubling, and sad. And frightening. The U.S. liberals' ideals are far more holding to "knowing" they are "correct". The worst traits in their political draw include baiting the least fortunate (as evidenced by the Clinton-era passing of the subprime mortgages for those who could barely afford them in good times, and only temporarily afford them at all), and their policy of big government and high taxes is far more fascist-leaning than the conservative (not Bush, the jackass, but real conservatives), smaller government and free markets political history.

Still, I cannot let worst-case scenarios affect me. I will be looking for more such similar posts, but others as well, not so troubling.

One never knows: we could be headed for another revolution, and it could be a socialist one. I know I am ripe for revolution, while fascism is not exactly the direction I want to go. I understand Naziism, the Holocaust, I've met victims. I am outraged by Darfur. I recall the USSR, unlike the kids who are so sure Obama's the "One". It all smells a bit like a friendly sort of fascism, which would be so fitting in this "cheerleader" culture we seem to embrace.

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