Obama: America's destiny? More like America's folly, considering this

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Barack Obama might as well have called John McCain a “Nigga Hating Cracker”… : P.U.M.A
Ever since Spike Lee’s Malcolm X was released, two words entered the popular lexicon of racial intolerance, those words are “hoodwinked” and “bamboozled” .

In isolation they might be innocent, however when a black man says a white man is “hoodwinking” and “bamboozling” black people, he might as well be saying that the person he is referring to is a “nigga hating cracker” . Taking it to its logical conclusion, same can be said about the supporters of that person (gosh darn it, I guess that makes me an Uncle Tom).

Either way, for reasons best known to Obama, this [hit link, read, watch video] is the second time in this campaign he has used exactly this phraseology while giving a speech geared to a predominantly black audience. The first time he did was in South Carolina when he was referring to Bill Clinton. Afterwards, Bill went from being the first black President to a racist demagogue as far as the black community was concerned. Now in Philadelphia, he has chosen to do the same against John McCain.

From his utterances it seems till there is a race war, Obama would not be satisfied. Why he would channel Malcolm X at the height of his militancy against a GOP that already has to contend with (false) accusations of racism is beyond me, but as stated earlier, Obama is willing to destroy the country to win an election.
This comes from a blog that is by a black guy. Not that that amazes me, but frankly, race is being used against white people in general, simply because the Democrats have a black guy running for president. So the tenor of this, I would have actually freaked if it were a white dude.

What's so ironic, to stray, is that the Dems are using racist tactics -- yes, they are! -- along with the press, to make America feel "bad" if we don't elect Obama. So, I say, if he gets elected, we're simply all idiots, not just half of us. OK, maybe that's a bit harsh. CNN is mostly idiots, and MSNBC - why doesn't it just rebardge itself, fire Joe Scarborough, and call itself "LibTV"? Can't blame the electorate for believing what the liars tell them, I guess.

I hope they know what they are creating by using race in this election like it had been used in the O.J. Simpson murder trial. What is Obama loses? What will happen then? Who would be to blame then?

Shame on America for turning a professional candidate into a false prophet.

Thanks for this, "Woman_in_Virginia" at the PUMA08 site. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3hSnEMV58F8

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