Barack Obama is not half-white and is not a monkey, but McCain is not at all black and is a dancing monkey

Having a hard time with that title? That's the point, sorta.

Can you imagine if the political correctness monitors of Esquire magazine's editorial board let slip, ever, that the Obama campaign was "monkeying around", "dancing like a monkey", or some other primate-related thing? What kind of chants of racism there would be? What morose steps toward apology there would be? Oh, they would never! But McCain can be a monkey, because he's a white man! Duh!

Esquire Endorses Barack Obama for President - Election 2008 - Esquire
[McCain] gave a brave speech in Virginia, and he seemed genuinely interested in prying his party from the clutches of corporate avarice and theocratic lunacy. If he had held to the substance of that speech, instead of merely to its form, he might have been as transformational a figure on his side of the aisle as Obama has been on his. However, McCain has spent the past few years dancing like a monkey on a string, making brave noises in public that he later abandoned in private.
Here Esquire magazine's editors are, calling the McCain campaign dancing monkeys. Somehow, so long as you are not black, being called a monkey is OK. And, I should note, Esquire magazine is run by liberals.

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