Campbell Brown: use of middle name 'race-baiting'; dumb-baiting is OK

Commentary: Race-baiting wrong, but so is over-reaction -
NEW YORK (CNN) -- Look everybody, we all know we are in uncharted territory here. Never before has there been an African-American presidential nominee. So without question, race is going to be a part of the conversation.

Race-baiting doesn't have to be and yet it is happening in this campaign. Twice this week, surrogates for Republican candidate Sen. John McCain have made a point of calling Democratic candidate Sen. Barack Obama, Barack "Hussein" Obama.

The implication here is clear. It's foreign sounding. It's Muslim sounding. It's un-American sounding. It's dangerous-sounding. What it is, is race-baiting. And that is what is dangerous.
Incredibly, Brown said this in a "No bias, no bull" commentary during her show, "Election Center". It ought to be called "Election Left", not center. Yet she says the "implication" is "clear"? What a screwy, classless PR job she's doing for the Obama campaign! To someone who lacks her - either closed-minded or intentionally ironic - bias, this was a glorious bait-and-switch effort to cast a bad light on McCain by knee-jerk political correctness and hypocrisy of the finest sort.

First, how is it that Hussein is foreign, yet Barack Obama does not sound that way? Wha? What Brown could not say, somehow, is that Obama's middle name is Saddam's last name, and that is the real reason the use of it sets off Obama fans. It is as if fate itself is going to force this man into the White House, despite a lack of leadership, military work, or even ever having run something aside from his campaigns.

What liberals are frightened of - I can only guess as I do not consider myself very liberal about much of anything - is that using "Hussein" will turn some simpletons otherwise sold on the two-year-old national politician Obama. This is a bit ironic - tragic, even - since Obama cannot seem to be first to comment on anything, including his own friendships and policies.

Why not just come out with it, Campbell Brown: Stop adding to the fakery managed so well by the Obama campaign and say, of the middle name, "it sounds like an enemy's name" instead of putting up the sensational term "race-baiting". Air your real worry rather than adding to the misinformation. Stop, for goodness sake, stop taking shots at McCain for these folks who are doing what? using Obama's given name against him? That is absurd for all but the most simple-minded. Absurd!

If people can hurt Obama's chances with his own middle name, he is way too insecure to be worthy of the Oval Office. You are servicing liberals by joining in that crazy talk, and ought to be brought out into the light as a propoganda voice of theirs, plain and simple. Of, get the act straight and stop playing to their tune.

This reminds me that Brown was only a burgeoning national face as an NBC desk anchor a few years ago. She replaced the coldly dumped Paula Zahn (disappeared without a trace months earlier), who was not so good, either, in my opinion. Zahn was dropped without a peep, so I guess I am not alone in feeling that way. It appears that CNN is convinced the 8 pm hour must have a woman who better suits an entertainment reporter, doing news that is far too deep for their thinking.

To her credit, Brown did have a clue about something that Larry King, the king of call-it-in hosting, couldn't grasp (see prior post). Thanks for this goes in part to her grandfather:
But let's also be careful here and use our heads. Some Obama supporters on the left are up in arms over something McCain said at the debate Tuesday night -- when he referred to Obama as, "that one."

McCain: It was an energy bill on the floor of the senate, loaded down with goodies. Billions for the oil companies. And it was sponsored by Bush and Cheney. You know who voted for it? Might never know. That one.

Some people have interpreted that comment as having racial undertones. Give me a break.
With that, there's some hope for her. Consistency? Not a chance. Good writing? Umm, no. But some slim glimmer of hope that she just might pull out a decent piece of journalism now and then.

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