Tan suit, empty at the WH podium

Would be remiss if someone didn’t note that the suit the media was so chatty about about is… empty. Obama and his empty suit.

Where is the shot of the tan suit on a hangar Photoshopped behind the WH Press Room podium?

- JRuse

The bad news: We have no strategy as to ISIS, or anything else in the Middle East other than reducing American influence.
The good news: Obama is telling the truth.
The worse news: The truth Obama is telling is a monumental and deliberate failure that will take a decade or more to reverse, if it even can be reversed.
And our media?
Beyond pathetic:
Obama's tan suit steals the spotlight at press conference http://t.co/Fr4tRHLO7A pic.twitter.com/CPpSeiwT8G
— NBC News (@NBCNews) August 28, 2014
Taupe and change: Obama's switch from dark to tan suit for serious statement, says @dsupervilleAPhttp://t.co/Dd7imzOhaI
— AP Politics (@AP_Politics) August 28, 2014
Obama might have held a news conference on serious issues, but his #tansuit got the attention. http://t.co/C0sTQR8vK5
— POLITICO (@politico) August 29, 2014
On the Runway Blog: Obama Wore a Tan Suit (and Spoke About World Crises) http://t.co/aMxCpDiVwX
— The New York Times (@nytimes) August 29, 2014

- jR, aka AirFarceOne (Twitter)
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