Obama in another populist, economically impractical push to raise the minimum wage

OBAMA'S ECONOMIC RECOVERY: starting building the house by painting the walls.

It's about economic stagnation, stupid. 

Wages of the middle class, people who have worked for years and even hold college degrees, have been stagnant for years. They are interested in being independent, spending money, doing things that benefit minimum wage earners, who are mostly in service industries. Raising the minimum while the middle class is static simply will not help the economy. 

The middle class improving it's situation with market confidence and pressure from leaders to offer raises that suit business profits and performance and potential is what we need. Growing an economy from the bottom up is artificial, socialistic and typical of Obama's treatment of the job market. He has no respect for the markets, he wants to lecture us,  tell businesses to boost the pay on the  low end without an economic policy that works at his end. He leads like some third world Socialist populist loon at times. 

We need companies to stop holding onto their wallets awaiting his next crazy demand. Get them out from under the thumb of govt regulations and threats and let the people who know how to create jobs do so. 

You can't build an economy from the least skilled zone upwards any more than you can build a house starting with painting the walls. But it seems that's what Obama wants to do. 

Help the middle class, help the low-wage earners. That's a plan, not a popularity tactic. Tell your representative this. Don't tell him simply to raise the minimum wage. 

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