Hi, I'm Charlie Crist, and I am running for US Senate

In a few hours, if the voting gods are merciful to me, Charlie Crist will be making a concession speech in the Florida governor's race.

Here's why I don't like the man, despite believing that, loosely, his time as governor the first time around wasn't so bad. (You cannot lay much blame on Crist for the recession, for instance.)

Crist, in 2010, exited the guv's mansion after one fairly successful term, thinking he could walk into the US Senate that year. He SHOULD have run for a second governor's term at that time, and he likely would have won. INSTEAD, he seemed to have proven (to those who paid attention) what his real colors were. By the end of the 2010 Senate campaign, his behavior showed he was a MERE career politician who would say anything, and take any position, simply to gain that power he lusts for like a 14-year-old hormone-raging boy in a Victoria's Secret store. 

He was a nasty SOB up against the far cooler-headed, more principled and unpretentious Marco Rubio in 2010. And Crist kept coming, and looking worse each time: When Crist lost the Republican primary to Rubio, he turned independent to try and earn his rightful place (in his mind) at the high seat of power he so richly deserved. Then he got really nasty.

Crist lost, and did it attacking the same positions he claimed to hold only months prior. Plus, he called Marco Rubio a dangerous extremist, a radical, part of that dangerous Tea Party, yadda yadda. Rubio: an EXTREMIST?! CRIST proved himself a political merchant only. THEN, after all his shrill maneuvering didn't work in 2010, Crist became a Democrat. And he ran for governor, again. As he should have in 2010, but this time with a new party affiliation. Why they took him, I don't know. 

If he wins the governor's race, I would like to begin selling bumper stickers that say "I'm Governor Charlie Crist, and I am running for Senate."

That's why I don't want Crist: he's only a politician. He's got nothing else to offer. We have enough career politicians.

- J Ruse
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