Green-faced progress is yours, like it or not, as Obama Admin. insists

It's happy-face tyranny. Something Americans ought to be accustomed to from the Obama White House. It insulted a lone policeman in Cambridge, Mass. It called out Fox News Channel, the sole destractor from a disgusting show of unity against vetting Barack Obama in 2008 by every single other TV network. It regards the entire Tea Party movement as right-wing extremists. It holds the Occupt Wall Street movement in high regard. (Apparently, loitering, rape and public defecation are all errors, not serious issues.) Obama personally called to console a devoted big government activist due to a few poorly chosen words from a radio host, while he said nothing of the murders of Americans and Afghans over burned Korans. It isn't just that it is political, but that it is ALL POLITICAL, with this Administration. So, it's OK if things are bad, if you can't find work locally, if gas is so high you are losing $50 a week or more just driving to work. The Obama Admin. is looking out for you -- the you of two decades from now.  Maybe.  They want to free us from the need for oil in two decades, and we all just have to suck it up now for us to get there. Its a war worth fighting, despite the haggard economic conditions.  It'll be worth it in 2030! Theoretically! You'll see! Quite possibly!  If you're still able to hold down a job by then, with 12-ton, wind-powered battery cars, restrictions on business, travel, cars, food, journalistic integrity, religious tolerance, the First Amendment, the Second Amendment....

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