Check out @MarcACaputo : I just enjoyed a Naked Politics post of his (Mia Herald) #Florida #tcot #sayfie

Marc Caputo - Political Writer (Miami Herald)

(Bio --) Marc Caputo is The Miami Herald's political writer. Hailing from Key West, he graduated from the University of Miami, earning a general studies degree with a specialty in James Joyce studies for which he wrote an undergraduate thesis (quite incomprehensible, upon reflection) on mysticism in the 10th Chapter of Finnegan's Wake. Having wound up in journalism for need of a paying job, he worked for newspapers in Key West, Naples, Arizona and West Palm Beach before joining the Herald in 2003. Follow him on Twitter: @MarcACaputo.

Since Caputo, who I believe I recognize for other work (gonna have to figure out why, maybe just that last name is familiar) is on the Miami Herald staff, I assumed by the headline, below, it was prodding Rubio somehow. Not so. It prods Nat Jo, which has (as he reports) pretended that Rubio glided into office. 

I live in Florida. I can attest to the fact that if he slid, the burns were major. No smooth slide.  

Here's the post I enjoyed: 

National Journal falls victim to Marco Rubio Derangement Syndrome

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