Sweeping ethics and openness... under the rug? The Obama 2012 machine

Jim Messina, Barack Obama's 2012 campaign chief, wrote earlier this year that the Obama Administration ushered in a new era of ethics and openness.  

"He put in place the most sweeping ethics reforms in history to close the revolving door between government and lobbyists. And he's overseen the most open administration ever -- reversing Bush-era policies designed to limit Freedom of Information Act requests and disclosing White House visitor records so that Americans can see how their government works."

Wow. That's specific. And not much openness. That didn't apply, and still won't, it seems, to the president's own history and records, including his college records. We don't need to know much about our president, it seems. He's to be adored from a very controlled narrative setting, as a dear leader, not as a human campaigning machine.  

This new ethics and openness also does not apply to "Fast and Furious", the federal gun-running sting fiasco. Nor to the lack of chastisement of the disgusting habits of, and often violent actions of, Occupy "movement" participants, as opposed to his surrogates' regular marginalization of the civil Tea Party activists. Apparently outright harassment of other citizens is OK, to Obama, so long as you're not prone to disliking a large centralized government at the same time. Being against other citizens' success and the success if all those working for corporations are OK. Just don't let the government get confused with the evil corporations. 

There's your change you can believe in: It's punishing success and rewarding individual laziness that Obama believes in, in action, despite his vaunted words. 

- jR

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