You're silly! Sharia Law doesn't exist outside of a few communities in Muslim nations!

You conservative-leaning people in America are soooo silly! You think Sharia Law is going to be insinuated into our court system by Fundamentalist Muslims. Ha! Oh, you silly, silly, ignorant, uninformed bigots! 
Don't wooooorry... Saria Law is not coming... it doesn't exist in Europe... it isn't happening in the UK... it certainly isn't happening in laid-back, genial, progressive, open Australia! Ah-ha-ha-haaa! 

Wait, what?! Oh! Uhh...

Two charged for whipping Muslim convert in bed
...occurred in Sydney's western suburbs in the early hours of Sunday morning....
Yesterday, Tolga Cifci, 20, appeared in Burwood Local Court charged with aggravated breaking and entering, and committing an indictable offence. Yesterday afternoon, NSW police charged a second man over the incident, in which Christian Martinez, 31, was allegedly restrained on his bed by three men while a fourth lashed him 40 times with an electric cable in his Silverwater home, allegedly because the men had seen him drinking alcohol, which is not allowed in the Muslim faith.

- jR 

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