AP: Iran wants nuke weapons, not just nuke power. Surprise.

(On WashPo, an AP exclusive)  
A U.S. official cited one assessment he has seen suggesting Ahmadinejad may be more “moderate” — more open to talks with the international community on resolving nuclear concerns than Khamenei. He asked for anonymity because his information was privileged. 

But a blunt comment by Ahmadinejad last month raises questions. While repeating that Iran does not want nuclear arms, he openly reinforced its ability to make them, telling Iranian state TV that “if we want to make a bomb, we are not afraid of anybody.”

Little surprise here to anyone who appreciates the governing bodies in Iran. Who's surprised by the Persian state's president wishing to seek weapons openly, while the mullahs don't want to do so OPENLY? Remember, too, that these are the leaders who have insist that Israel is a terrorist state (like plenty of idiot, leftist Westerners), that the Holocaust didn't happen, and that there are no homosexuals in Iran. So, who is surprised by this? Born-and-bred elites? Career politicians who could care less about reality? Suckers who believe what's reported to them on the news about Iran's motives? 

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