Pat Buchanan on 'An Establishment in Panic' (Yes, the liberals)

An Establishment in Panic
By Pat Buchanan

JULY 8, 2011 - via Pulse: 

... Is fanaticism behind this stance? Does this manifest insanity? How does this imperil the nation's honor and future? 

Behind the GOP opposition to tax hikes is the party's word given to the country that elected it in 2010, its political principles, its traditional view of what not to do when the nation is in a slump, and party history. 

Fully 235 Republican House members signed a 2010 pledge not to raise taxes. And by giving their word they were rewarded with victory. 

Pat Buchanan can be a bit frustrating for those of us living outside the bubble of DC and the liberal media. He is always on the Morning Joe program on MSNBC, after all, and not exactly sticking out all the time next to the sometimes seemingly overmedicated Mika, the liberal, and Joe, the... whatever. Call him the usually reserved camp counselor of morning TV. But Mr. Buchanan nails it like Mark Levin at times.  

The above quote comes as part of a good read by Buchanan, a clear and rational response to the NYTimes' (fake fiscal conservative) David Brooks' crazed attack on the GOP this week in the Old, Gray Madam. Buchanan notes several other columnists' exaggerated adjective-filled attacks on the Republicans for their daring to force Obama to back away from tax increases.

Read it. Dammit! Read it, you suicide-pact terrorist, far-right, big business fascist Nazi mercenary!!! 

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