Why do you own a gun? Writer Chan Lowe thinks he knows. Or, thinks he thinks he knows. Or something.

"...many concealed carriers cling to the absurd notion that the more armed citizens there are in a public place, the safer everyone will be if a gunfight breaks out...."

So, how many concealed carriers really think this, and is that, as you cynically suggest, their only or greatest reason to own a gun? If you're going to make an argument against an "absurd notion", maybe you should not make it from a knee-jerk, emotional place yourself, Chan Lowe. 

Owning a gun isn't a shameful thing, and carrying a gun is not. either. If you're scared of something, that doesn't mean everyone else had to give in to you. If you're afraid of legal gun carriers, then your issue goes a lot deeper, emotionally, than disparaging gun permits. 

Giving in to the fallacy that taking guns away from responsible citizens makes the streets safer is the most "absurd notion" in the mix. Of course, you'll deny you're doing this, but it comes across that you want this. Because, because, because ... offering all sorts of unemotional reasons for it. 

You and Mike Bloomberg share that irrational, emotion-based idea about it, Lowe. That's what's wrong with gun control advocates who reach as far as Mayor Bloomberg and Lowe: they believe that taking (in ultimate effect) home and self-protection firearms away from the masses will serve cops and the public at large -- by arguing against the alternative. Meanwhile, gun owners will be seen as the bad guy, while the real bad guys will find guns.

The link to master Modern American Liberal whiner Chan Lowe's commentary (if you can call it that, and not a pissy little rant): 

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