Who attacked the media in 2008, and when challenged? The Left.

What about the criticism that Fox is a farm team for the GOP? A place where people like Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee can go after their campaigns are over? 

I actually think it's a bit of jealousy. [The candidates] get calls from the other networks, asking them to come work for them. The two you mentioned, they got calls from other networks. The other networks tried to hire them. But they decided to come work here. We're happy about it.

But doesn't hiring ex-Republican candidates make it harder for you to back up the "fair and balanced" mantra?

No, not at all. Look, we hired [former Democratic Sen.] Evan Bayh within the last year. If you look at our whole lineup, we have [FNC analyst and former campaign manager for Walter Mondale] Bob Beckel, [Democratic strategist and Fox News political analyst] Doug Schoen, people like that. It's very balanced....

On the left, or liberal, side, there is Alan Colmes, who dates back to the Hannity & Colmes show, as well as Fox Radio. There is Juan Williams. 

I respected and watched CNN when they had Lou Dobbs on, and enjoyed "Crossfire" with Buchanan and Kinsley. I have enjoyed The McLaughlin Group (more in the past) on PBS for its broad ideological tone.

I respect Fox's ability to bring in people from their perceived foes' list. By contrast, the attitude by the left, most notably Barack Obama in the first two years of the Administration, was one of rampant marginalizing of Fox News. That showed the lowness of Obama's character, not of Fox News. 

By the way, that attitude of Obama's is something to keep in mind at the polls. When the media was broadly in his favor, Obama still chose to assault one outlet that was clearly not playing patty-cake with him. That's the trait of a tyrannical leader. Not violent, not evil, but comfortably superior to all detractors. Obama mastered that, and few other, leadership traits. 

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