Are you intrigued by the latest work of David Mamet?

Are you intrigued by the latest work of renowned playwright, David Mamet? (image of his book's cover is from his site,

I was surprised and intrigued. I listened to Mamet speak with Laura Ingraham on her radio show several days ago. A few days later, I noticed a headline that suggested he was sucked in by the Tea Party movement. As if anyone who willingly abandoned the politics and vicious practices of the American liberal left must have been pretty nearly brainwashed. Don't buy the overreach of the left on this man's change of views or when Obama comes up against a contender in the fall of 2012. Hopefully, Obama's habitually weak leadership and narcissism, not his (typically glib) personal ease and ready grin, will determine the future of America.



More Hollywood types are welcome to wake up and see the left for their real agenda, not to pander to their limp center left that has stepped out of the way of lefty loons such as Pelosi, Frank, Weiner, Reid, and the type.
- jR

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