APATHY BREAKER?: Congress Democrats and GOP give hefty bonuses to staff in Q1 of 2011


If there's one thing I learned while in journalism, it's that apathy and a lack of being informed runs rampant in the USA. We don't like to admit it, and I pray for it to be otherwise, but it is true. There are plenty of one-note horn tooters around, even, but not a lot of decent, informed, interested citizens. That is what I found. Not judging, just pointing it out. I find it saddening, especially in the last three years and so, but people are entitled to live as fools and do-nothings in the USA. It's never too late to start pushing back, though.

Strong proof of American political inactivity comes in the form of people being forever bilked by their government, and passing by such news like it were a dead rat on the street, with barely a notice. The Tea Party (despite what the race baiters and other leftist and elite drones want us to believe) was born out of a reaction to what common folks saw as our self-involved, deaf and irresponsible leadership. It was stewing for a very long time for some, me included. My Tea Party thinking goes back to at least 2000. Well, in my ever-present hope of waking others to the evolving loss of the America that should be, I present another of the blatant offenses of our fed gov't:
Congress gave more than $6 million in bonuses to staff during Jan-Mar 2011. When was your last, or when did you give the last, sizable raise or bonus? Four years ago? Two? TEN? Were you laid off, instead? Starting over?

Democrats lose this one by a stunning margin, too: roughly 4-to-1 more cash doled out by the Democrats. Congratulations, America. You elected them to spend your money. I hope you're happy. If things fail to change, come tell me how proud you are in a decade, on the bread line.
(Source: CNN, live at around 4pm on June 26, 2011.) - jR

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