All time donors: fed, state and city workers union is top

Much has been made of the money in politics, since it's fair to assess that where the money comes from is where the legislation and favor goes to.

For Obama, Pelosi and Reid, according to the site, the  stress should be on government jobs. It is disturbing just how true that has been, with the bigger government push of the Administration  and Congress, ruled by not just Democrats, but a cast of Leftists unlike any who ever ran this country in my memory.

It was recently reported that, for the first time since who-knows-when, public sector jobs, which depend on everyone's payments of all taxes, fees and utilities, pay more than private sector jobs. Add to that the impressive benefits -- among them the retirement pensions the likes of which very rarely exist in private companies -- and it hardly is necessary to question whose interests the politicians have at heart. Is that cynical or simplistic? Not when seeing the numbers.

Government, typically, is not intent on having an efficient operation. They are rarely motivated to curb overall money, thanks to an historically expanding, abusive, power-greedy tax spending attitude. Politicians are rarely motivated to decrease spending. That is inconvenient since the people who work directly for them, with them,
and who support them so greatly -- with contributions -- are government workers. At least, those who support Democrats, overwhelmingly. They are the most special interest of all, historically.

They are not alone, but has them pegged as the biggest big spenders along with several other union-heavy industries. The big spenders, ironically perhaps, are very heavily favoring Democrats. See the included image, a screenshot of the site's list of top all-time donors, and then ask yourself: why is government favoring not all the people, but some very special interests.
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