Alan Grayson in 2010: will his House career 'die quickly'?

Alan Grayson, Democrat congressman from Central Florida's District 8, seems to be facing some hurdles toward reelection in 2010. The infamously ridiculous congressman who announced the GOP wants all sick people to "die quickly," is continually embarrassing himself. Or, he isn't. I think he is.

He gave himself a website denoting his "bravery", Then, in a similarly obnoxious manner, he asked the Attorney General of the United States to go after a woman who created a rather contrary website,

He is up for reelection in November, and for the past several months was abnormally quiet. Until recently, when he stated that anyone who said "Drill, baby, drill" should be arrested, in a typically bonkers tirade, in this case, in reaction to the Gulf oil well disaster. 

His words are like Nerf balls, hitting their targets and getting funny looks a giggles in reaction. He's now understood to be a wacky dude who somehow got elected. The problem is, he spent $1,000,000 of his own money to help him push his way in. 
I hope his political career gets what it deserves. I want to see his political career DIE QUICKLY. As in, by the vote in November 2010. But he still has money, somehow. 

He needs to go away. I am very grateful he is not mu rep, but no one deserves him, except maybe that wacky Pelosi gal. 

Do a search for those trying to put down his mangey stint as an Orlando area rep. And share it with ANYONE you think could help turn the vote against Grayskull. Er, Grayson.
Alan Grayson's foes in 2010: the search

- J Ruse (aka AirFarceOne, on Twitter)

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