Wondering how well things are going? Just look nearby

I live in Central Florida, and stumbled across this via an Orlando networking site fro entrepreneurs. Of course, we all know that entrepreneurs know NOTHING about how money works. That's why they're small business people -- not greedy enough to be big business. A-ha. Ha. Ha.

UCF Economist: Obama's Stimulus Makes Me LOL - UCF Newsroom
So far, says [UCF economist] Sean Snaith, too much money is being spent in the wrong places, and Americans are tired of footing the bill.

“There is a growing public sentiment that you might call ‘bailout fatigue,’” Snaith says in his U.S. quarterly forecast released this morning.

“Millions of people who did the right things and yet still have watched their assets plummet are getting more angry that their tax dollars and their children’s tax dollars will be used to bail out those most responsible for our current problems.”

Snaith, director of UCF’s Institute for Economic Competitiveness, says some types of stimulus and financial rescue packages are needed -- such as investing in more infrastructure projects and a expanded, fast-acting version of the TARP program. But he fears that the new plans to hand out money are “woefully lacking in detail.”

“The devil, as they say, is truly in the details,” Snaith says. “Nobody knows exactly the total bill the U.S. government -- really, American taxpayers -- will run up before this whole shameful debacle comes to an end.”
Oh those damnable anti-Keynesians!

- jR

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