News stories: there's journalism, and then there's 'Romper Room' reports

I listened to 60 Minutes of in my car this past Sunday, since my local CBS affiliate happens to be the one who airs across FM 87.7 in my area (the one assured TV channel on FM radio across all markets, as far as I know). I think I got more out of it by purely listening to it (while 60 Minutes is not a jumpy or distracting video broadcast).

That said, listening to this TV show on a radio reminded me of why TV news is so often shallow, while reports such as those on 60 Minutes actually do what journalism ought to do: tell a story. Good news media does not just create a sound byte that's as throwaway as many 140-character Twitter posts.

Listening to local TV news on the radio would be nauseating. That CBS show is still worth listening to, on several levels.

- jR
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