STIMULUS MADNESS: Rolling Stone has an opinion, too, see! Waah!

They cannot even make the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame respectable, but Rolling Stone weighs in on the stimulus. But, you know, Jan Weener knows better than us dumb Americans, since he's a rich media person:

The Unserious Opposition 
This is stimulus at its BEST. Thousands of labor-intensive American jobs.... And it has the added bonus of saving taxpayers millions down the line: You reap long term savings in energy costs and have the added bonus of reduced greenhouse emissions. 
This quote was regarding billions for renovating government buildings, for energy savings. Umm, "down the line" is NOT what this ought to be about. That's another bill. BILL ME LATER. Thanks! 

This economic recovery bill ought to focus on JOBS for now and FINANCE for NOW. It ought to focus on NOW, not renovations to old buildings just so the government can be well-kept. "Later" can come once we are sure we have a country that is not full of human scavengers, thanks. JOBS!! Real jobs, not excuses for putting new windows in buildings or replacing perfectly working cars, etc! (These are what the bill had/has in it.)  
BEST Quote: "Worthy but misplaced. We’ll have to spend that money anyhow. Kill it." 
Sadly, that was reserved only for CENSUS spending. Census?!! In a stimulus bill???? So obviously misplaced, like so much in this sad bill, such as the renovation of office buildings! Gag!!

Ironically, who was on the cover of this issue, where the RS editors thrash at the Republicans for trying to cut a paltry 18 billion from an incredibly huge "stimulus" bill? The King of Hollywood Socialists, Sean Penn. Penn, who idolizes Castro and Chavez, is the closest thing to a celebrity socialist ideologue -- assuming there is more in than noggin of his but some creative and humanistic sensibilities and he realizes he's a socialist -- that can be pointed at in America. 

This guy drips with adoration for Castro, a man who violently overthrew a government, promising great reform and a party of the people, but wound up offering only a one-party, Communist-Socialist rule that caused millions to flee to America to enjoy some sort of personal freedom. A man who, in 1981, sent thousands of his worst criminals, by boat, to America, in an event called the Mariel Boatlift. This is a man worthy of Penn's respect? I guess sicne he loves Hugo Chavez so much, it just fits. Oddball. Horrific sense of right and wrong, good and bad, governance and exploitation, this Penn guy.

- jR
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