2010 elections: Time for change we can believe in is still to come

In reflecting on the pathetic, awkwardly funny disappearance of the age Florida hedge fund manager Arthur Nadel, I realize that the change is not yet complete.
After all, Congress has the same horrific, at times supremely arrogant, leaders that it had for the past two very decisively bad years for our economy. What did they all do, almost to a person? They blamed Bush and his Administration for all of this. Excuses, excuses.

It started with Clinton's era,
and the Dem, then GOP, Congresses of the time. It continued into Bush's terms, and for some mad reason even the supposed fiscally conservative GOP let the crazy mortgages survive when they could have stopped them -- obviously, since their friends in finance were getting rich off the crooked concept of CRA loans. Then, even when it was OBVIOUS that the economy was broadly slowing down, this robbery thrived while Barney Frank insultingly balked -- like a mean grammar school teacher -- at those who told him, in public meetings, that we needed a tightening on CRA mortgages and other financial matters.

So, thanks to all of our leaders who could have gotten some control over the financial meltdown up to two years ago, or could have ended the illogical CRA mortgage "plan" ages ago. You've failed us. So stop pretending you're going to fix it now. You're too comfortable or too foolish to truly manage to fix it, I fear.

Time for the "Obamatized" change is not yet active. There's the 2010 election in our sights. Some will never change: too bad Connecticut and Massachusetts, to name a few, can't help but elect the same blowhards over and over again. Too bad the Dems couldn't pick a real leader for either half of Congress (they couldn't even if they did it behind closed doors in a secret ballot, I suspect) -- they appear too happy with average people who are elitist dullards, like Pelosi and Reid, as leaders. After all, Pelosi was selected leader once again, just recently, though her Congress is the least popular of all time. Its popularity plummetted concurrent with her reign. No coincidence, in my estimation. She's simply too beauty queen populist to believe that any of it is her fault -- it must be merely a sign of the times, after all, since Bush is the terror in all of this. Hypocrisy is alive and well in Washington, folks.

It is they who created and let thrive the pathetic old monsters such as Madoff and Nadel, and the CRA mortgage companies, and all the Wall Street greedmongers who robbed while the robbing was easy (and quite legal, by accident, seeing the lack of actual regulatory effort by our government). It is you who are now letting them all simply step away from the card table quite wealthy, cards still stuffed in their sleeves, for fear of the house of cards falling. It is the government wave of irresponsibility that has let them leave Wall Street for their cozy winter homes, except for the rare imprisonment or the recent, and the future, suicides and "disappearances" (I wonder if these last ones are at all out of guilt, or simply out of mad selfishness?).

We have yet to address the full weight of our anger. There is still 2010 to finish the job, and to motivate any good leaders to find a way -- through the dull flow of political maneuvering or by going around it -- to put out for the night the ferile cats who screwed us all. There is still an election in 2010 in which to remove more garbage from the Capitol steps.

- jR
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