To TIME: If Joe Klein grilled Obama, readers got salmonella

The TIME cover and the relevant coverage inside the mag, dated Nov. 3, 2008, is a fine example of why I think U.S. media is falling on its face. It has little to do with ad sales, and more to do with disingenuous and propagandist coverage.

Or, look at this as a good laugh at the expense of the People magazine of news magazines, TIME.

"Joe Klein Grills Obama" was the headline. It was on the COVER of the issue, a

bove the flag (see images) and got a photo on page 6, with the editor's comments (always an interesting read, for a mackerel).

But I digress. Look at the pics (click then to view a bit larger).

You cannot find that article online. Why? The headline doesn't exist online. Have a look at the contents page (if the link works):,9263,7601081103,00.html

I might guess, being a wise ass, that the headline was supposed to be a joke, perhaps a Halloween bit of foolery -- ON THE FRONT COVER OF THE MAGAZINE. Such things have happened, like in newspapers kids create at colleges with no budget and volunteer staffs. But then, only maybe, and even then there would be outrage among SOME staffers for the gaff. But not here! Not for TIME magazine. Nothing noted in the next issue.

The designers and editors forgot to change it to something less engaging (and thus to something realistic). But I think it is the finest example yet this year of promoting soft-paw coverage as engaging journalism, even from this Obamadoring publication. The interview was a grilling? Hmmm ...

If cooks grilled steak, chicken or hamburgers like Joe Klein "grilled" Obama in the Nov. 3, 2008 issue of TIME, then there would be a long line of violently ill, even dead, people trailing from restaurants, backyards and parks all over the country to the nearest hospital!
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