The Democrats don't need you ... but they fooled you, three times

Look at all the blue donkeys!

Top All-Time Donors
See a trend? Look at the screenshot of top all-time donors (below). The story: the Democrats don't need your money!!

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We're going to be entrusting our entire federal government to the Democratic Party if Obama is elected. To put it simply, that sucks. Executive and both ends of Congress run by the Masters of the Lobbyists -- or the Slaves to the Lobbyists, as it were. So, don't expect the lobby controls, the "new kind of politics" rhetoric to result in ANY changes. That would be politically inconvenient for Democrats, most of all.

Fooled you once.

The balance of MONEY is in Dems' favor in more than the prez race of 2008: It is in their favor historically. Yet, they are the party of the common man? Please. The party of BIG CORPORATE and UNION MONEY! The party of -- gag -- the union of state and local employees, for goodness sake. What's that about?!! These guys who work for states and counties and cities can't get fired unless they kill their boss, practically, and they give more money to politicians than ANYONE. So, unlike me, they could buy their job security, and apparently buy the prevention of government shrinkage, it would seem.

Do numbers lie, or is Obama and company feeding us a line? Assuming Obama is our next prez, is government going to expand? Yes that is a question, but WHY IS IT EVEN A QUESTION? It is a dumb question. There is a lack of discussion of this issue of smaller government. WHY? Smaller government is an unpopular idea with Dems -- no wonder!! Look at who sponsors them! So, anyone think government jobs -- expanded government without a crisis motivating it -- won't be the answer to employment woes when Obama gets in?!! Anyone?!!

Seeing as the Dems have generally spent more than GOP whether they won or lost (that's broad stroke, I am not saying every little race everywhere), I am amazed that Bush ever won once, let alone twice. (But then, Clinton's southern aw-shucks rhetoric and Al Gore's true roots, his Beltway roots, were vastly different impressions. Al Gore managed. How'd we do?) Discuss and debate....

It is not for this year, but for the past 20 years...

Surprise, surprise, surprise!
Goldman Sachs, they of course own the GOP and the Bush Admin, huh? After all, good old Treasury Sec Paulson's their guy! Or not. Yes, definitely not. See for yourself. Look at the screenshot, or go directly to this link:

Top Barack Obama contributor
Goldman Sachs dropped almost $800,000 on him. I guess that ruins the whole "the GOP ruined our economy by sucking up to their friends at Goldman Sachs" line of propaganda by the Dems, huh?

Fooled you twice.

Republicans are retiring. how bad will that be?
Since so many House seats are up for election, for a variety of reasons, that is going to change the landscape. It is a year for beating up on Republicans, I suppose because our president is ticking a lot of people off. But, retirement isn't helping things, either.

Retirements have put more than two dozen seats (27 or so) at clear risk for GOP to keep them. Maybe the change of faces will be a good thing, no matter what. Maybe there are going to be some more moderate Dems getting in. That's a good thing. That's not far-left liberals, at least.

Add to that this season of electoral blame-gaming, where the GOP is losing despite the economic problems not really being their fault at all. Republicans are expected to be booted (if they do not deserve it, for some demonstrable reason aside from childish spite, it's not a good thing). Why isn't Barney Frank being asked to leave, seeing as he is the biggest liar we have in the House, currently?

Fooled you three times.

Retiring at end of this session:
Wayne Allard (R) (Colorado Senate)
Larry Craig (R) (Idaho Senate)
Bud Cramer (D) (Alabama District 5)
Barbara Cubin (R) (Wyoming District 1)
Tom Davis (R) (Virginia District 11)
Pete V. Domenici (R) (New Mexico Senate)
John T. Doolittle (R) (California District 4)
Terry Everett (R) (Alabama District 2)
Mike Ferguson (R) (New Jersey District 7)
Vito Fossella (R) (New York District 13)
Chuck Hagel (R) (Nebraska Senate)
Dave Hobson (R) (Ohio District 7)
Darlene Hooley (D) (Oregon District 5)
Ray LaHood (R) (Illinois District 18)
Ron Lewis (R) (Kentucky District 2)
Jim McCrery (R) (Louisiana District 4)
Michael R. McNulty (D) (New York District 21)
John E. Peterson (R) (Pennsylvania District 5)
"Chip" Pickering Jr. (R) (Mississippi District 3)
Deborah Pryce (R) (Ohio District 15)
Jim Ramstad (R) (Minnesota District 3)
Ralph Regula (R) Ohio District 16)
Rick Renzi (R) (Arizona District 1)
Tom Reynolds (R) (New York District 26)
Jim Saxton (R) (New Jersey District 3)
James T. Walsh (R) (New York District 25)
John W. Warner (R) (Virginia Senate)
Dave Weldon (R) (Florida District 15)
Jerry Weller (R) (Illinois District 11)

See the full list online on the "Casualty" list (

I won't even bother pointing out that, based on their way of doing campaigns, the Dems in particular are not exactly cost-effectiveness heroes.

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