HSUS: Which national pet store chain supports puppy mills?

We are moving in the right direction with regard to abuse of living beings. But we need to keep moving against demeaning treatment of living beings of all kinds: humans (yes, there are still issues involving the inhumane treatment of humans, as if they are a mere commodity), livestock, and pet breeds. We ended slavery (though sex slavery and other crudenesses are still in existence, even in the U.S., though we rarely hear about it), we are seeing a response to the improper care of livestock. We must see an end to puppy mills and such other wrongs as well.

The message below says, in short, let PETLAND stores know what you think about puppy mills. Talk to them, in your area or at the corporate level, and tell them you have a problem with puppy mills. Note the lines I highlighted: "Most of the puppies bred at puppy mills are eventually sold over the Internet or through pet stores, including many Petlands in the U.S. The unseen victims are the mother dogs who are forced to live their entire lives behind bars."

This is wrong. Simple. Petland and other stores support this -- there is no reason for HSUS to make this stuff up. Someone is selling these improperly bred dogs -- its the whole point to raising them, the profit gain. The more profit, the better. This is the underbelly of capitalism. Let's rid of it. The message includes the stores in my area. Likely, online you can easily find stores in your area, perhaps from the HSUS site (links are below).

Puppy mills are despicable. I cannot comprehend -- aside from the same sickly, apathetic and self-serving way that people ignored Naziism when it did not negatively impact them selfishly -- why anyone would knowingly work in pet stores that were encouraging the continuation of puppy mills. It is simply inhumane. It leads to pets that are carrying disease, and other surface ills. It ought to be regarded as morally, socially and culturally wrong at every level.

So, how does this related to politics? Laws can and have been passed that get us beyond things such as abuse of livestock. Government policy is what can permanently (ideally) change the climate of humane treatment of animals used for breeding pets and livestock.

Just wanted to share. Check out the HSUS message by clicking on the first text link below.

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